Back Off, Man. I'm a Scientist.

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
Back Off, Man. I'm a Scientist.
Back Off, Man. I'm a Scientist.

As you round the corner of one of the stacks in the Haunted Library, you see a ghostly librarian hovering in the corner. She kind of looks like someone's kindly grandomther, except grandmothers are usually more opaque. Your teeth start to chatter, and she turns, smiles politely, and puts a spectral finger to her spectral lips.

You formulate a plan to extricate yourself from the situation. Putting that plan into action, you shout, "get her!" and run toward the ghost, weapon at the ready.

She spins around and flies at you, her kindly facade melting away into a rotted, snarling visage of pure, unadulterated terror. She flies directly through you, and if you had any bejeezus left, it's certainly been scared out of you.

"Get her?" that was your plan? "GET her?" And who were you shouting at, anyway? Yourself?

Hoppeddown.gifYou acquire an effect: Freaked Out
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Occurred at The Haunted Library (Bad Moon only).


  • Apparently became unavailable after the second revamp to Spookyraven Manor.


  • The setup of the situation is from the film Ghostbusters, and the name of the adventure is a line from the film.