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damage range

BRICKO reactor
BRICKO reactor

The extreme density of magic and BRICKOs in that airship has created this technological marvel -- some sort of arcane fusion reactor. The way it's throbbing with deep red light, you suspect that it might have become unstable during the fight.

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Deals 200-1000 Physical Damage
(more effective against BRICKO monsters)

(In-game plural: BRICKO reactors)
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Item number: 4494
Description ID: 708797753
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Obtained From

BRICKO airship
BRICKO airship (1-5?)

When Used

  • Against a non-BRICKO monster:
You place the reactor on the ground next to your opponent, kick it, and dive for cover as it explodes, dealing 200-1000 damage.
  • Against a BRICKO monster:
You snap the reactor on top of your opponent and give it a good kick. You dive for cover as it overloads and explodes, dealing ?-24599-91687-? damage and sending heaps of charred bricks flying in every direction.



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