BRICKO airship (monster)

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Item drop chance. Is the damage reduction always rounded up or does it use KoL-rounding (6.25 means 25% chance round down, 75% chance round up)?

BRICKO airship
Monster ID 926
Locations using a BRICKO airship
Hit Points 10000
Attack 550
Defense 495
Initiative 175
Meat None
Phylum construct
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts propellor, mast, brick, sail
BRICKO reactor, BRICKO reactor, BRICKO reactor, BRICKO reactor, BRICKO reactor
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
BRICKO airship
You're fighting a BRICKO airship

You hold up the back of the airship and twist one of the propellers. The ship springs to life, the sails filling with wind (er, somehow -- not sure how plastic brick sails fill with wind, but I'm no scientist), the propellers whirling as the ship hovers in front of you. It's actually kind of awe-inspiring.

Then it swoops straight at your head, eager to shove you into a propeller, Indiana-Jones style, and then it's more AIEEEE-inspiring.

Hit Message(s):

It tangles its propellers in your hair. And, y'know, your scalp, skull, bits of your brain . . . Ouch! Ooh! Oof! Oof! Argh!

It fires a tiny plastic cannonball straight up your nose and into your brain. Get your ass to Mars. Oof! Eek! Ugh! Argh! Ow!

It wraps some of its rigging around your throat and throttles you. Frigging rigging! Ooh! Eek! Ooh! Oof! Ouch!

The mise en scène of this attack is a blow to the sternum with a mizzen-mast. Ouch! Ugh! Ow! Ow! Oof!

Critical Hit Message:

It gives you mad props. Sadly, the 'props' in question are the two beneath the ship, and it 'gives' them to you by whirling them straight through your chest. Ooh! Oof! Ugh! Argh! Oof!

Miss Message(s):

It propels itself toward you, but you feel compelled to impel yourself away.

It fires a plastic cannonball at you, but you're nobody's plastic cannon fodder.

It tries to throttle you with some rigging, but there are minifigs frigging in the rigging, so there's not enough to spare.

It tries to poke you with a mast, but you have a blast getting past it.

Fumble Message:

A few bricks pop off of its props, and it crashes to the ground. You hum a jaunty tune while you wait for it to reassemble itself. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Brickoreactor.gifYou acquire 1-5 BRICKO reactors


  • If you lose the fight, you get the BRICKO airship item back, with the message:
    Afterwards, you slink back and pick up the model airship again.
Brickoairshipi.gifYou acquire an item: BRICKO airship
  • Defeating seven of these will net you a trophy.
  • Has a 25% damage reduction, rounded up(?).


  • Death by airplane propeller refers to a scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Hit and miss messages about rigging refer to "Friggin in the Riggin", a Sex Pistols cover of a traditional song.
  • The hit message that ends "Get your ass to Mars" is a reference to Total Recall. In it, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character has a tracking device in his skull which could be described as looking like a little plastic cannonball. He has to extract it through his nose. "Get your ass to Mars" is a quote from the same scene of the movie.