BGE merchandise order form

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BGE merchandise order form
BGE merchandise order form

That video game (you know, the Best Game Ever) was so much fun that you decided to print out this order form so you can support the people who made it by buying some merchandise.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: BGE merchandise order forms)
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
CRIMBCO Cubicles
Best Game Ever

When Used

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You fill out the BGE order form and drop it in the mail. Moments later, a package arrives.

The contents are... not what you ordered, but still pretty cool...

Bgeshirt1.gifYou acquire an item: BGE 'ferocious fruit' shirt
Bgeshirt2.gifYou acquire an item: BGE 'cuddly critter' shirt
Bgecalendar.gifYou acquire an item: BGE pocket calendar
Bgeshotglass.gifYou acquire 6 BGE shotglasses
Bgetat.gifYou acquire an item: BGE temporary tattoo
Bgetp.gifYou acquire an item: BGE tiny plastic toy


  • For a few minutes after it was implemented, the form was not consumed upon use.
  • Despite just about every other shirt requiring it, the shirts will drop even if you don't have Torso Awaregness.


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