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This page describes some (long overdue) tips for the Avatar of West of Loathing challenge path.


  • As completing a run as each of the 3 classes only gives you points in their own category only, alternating lets you choose the best skills to carry forward on all ascensions.
  • Consider starting off with Snake Oiler, as Extract Oil + Patent Medicine gives you access to ever-important Combat Frequency manipulation, as well as other useful potions. These two skills are strong enough to be the first picks, even ahead of Long Con.
  • It is wise to follow up with Beanslinger, who can give +5 stomach for making daycount, as well as Beancannon banishes and Walk: Prideful Strut for faster leveling.
  • Third, go with Cow Puncher to get Walk: Cautious Prowl, Unleash Cowrruption, and Hard Drinker to get +item%, a Yellow Ray, and round out your liver.
  • Loop back into Snake Oiler for Long Con and Tolerant Constitution, before going Beanslinger and then Cow Puncher for their third Advanced skills. Keep alternating while picking up the strongest skills.

Items of the Month


  • Astral pet sweater lets you turn weak, 1-pound familiars into better, 11-pound familiars. Especially relevant as Avatarhood-ness-itis-osity bars you from skills like Amphibian Sympathy or Empathy of the Newt.
  • Runs are often decided by how many wandering snakes you get relative to cows or clowns. Because the first wanderer is guaranteed to be your type, this makes it important for Snake Oilers to hit level 5 in order to get snake oil-dropping prince snakes instead of aggressive grass snakes. This is less tight for Beanslingers and Cow Punchers, although Beanslingers will also want to hit level 5 as soon as possible to get extra can banishes.
  • The limited uses of patent invisibility tonic demands even more grouping together of zones than before. It is even more necessary to string together the Spooky Forest with the Copse of the Deep Fat Friars zones, although invisibility tonics require eldritch oil from the Cyrpt.
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