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This page contains tips and tricks for the Avatar of Sneaky Pete special challenge path.

Mr. Store Items

With Sneaky Pete not allowing Your Mystical Bookshelf skills and familiars, a large number of Mr. Store items are unusable in Hardcore that otherwise usually are.

Here is a complete list of Items of the Month which can be used in Hardcore Avatar of Sneaky Pete:

  • Sneaky Pete's leather jacket: gives +4 rollover adventures, +10 moxie, increased meat drops, pickpocketing, combat initiative and, most importantly, you can toggle +30 ML on/off at will. Considering that Sneaky Pete has limited sources of ML in hardcore, that last one is very important.
  • Clan VIP Lounge key: A Fax Machine is unavailable, but all other furnishings are as usable as ever. The familiar weight billiards table buff is fairly useless of course. The Hot Dog Stand is able to fill up the vast majority of your available stomach space by itself.
  • A Pumpkin Patch, A Peppermint Patch, A Bone Garden, A Beer Garden or A Winter Garden: Mutually exclusive with each other. See below for further analysis.
  • My Own Pen Pal kit or GameInformPowerDailyPro subscription card: Can be swapped daily if needed. The GameInform subscription is significantly more useful of the two, getting you elemental resistance for Guano Junction, A-boo Peak and Mt. McLargeHuge, as well as an HP buff that can come in useful for fighting tough enemies and A-boo Peak. It can also be used as an alternative for getting fat loot tokens, although whether this is worth it is questionable. The Pen Pal kit's rubber band gun is inferior to Sneaky Pete's basket, making it a poor day 1 choice, but the sticky gloves that drop from level 10 onwards can be useful.
  • Camp Scout backpack: Sneaky Pete's giant liver can be grown large enough to easily accommodate all of the booze that drops from the backpack even after drinking lots of improved cocktails, making the boozes the backpack drops arguably more useful than their usual status as potential filler. The HP and MP regen from the fire-starting kit is also particularly helpful as Pete's skills can be rather expensive. Does not need to be pulled to drop items in Hardcore.
  • Florist Friar: These plants are as useful as always.

Normal runs can also pull Mr. Store items. Remember that skillbooks, familiars and familiar equipment are unavailable, but the shirt slot is still usable. The Crown of Thrones and Buddy Bjorn are useless as they cannot be occupied.

Garden comparison

In order from best to worst, roughly:

  • A Winter Garden offers the most utility in this path. There are lots of options and Pete can find use for most of them.
    • The snow boards are the main attraction, saving many turns in The Orc Chasm.
    • An unfinished ice sculpture can save turns at Sonofa Beach in Hardcore. If you split Sonofa over two days, you can even use two of them.
    • Low-skill Petes may enjoy the extra +item from the ice bucket.
    • The Ice Island Long Tea is handy in the early days for smoothing over RNG screw on Throw Party ingredients.
    • The snow cleats can get you the last bit of non-combat you need to cap out at 25% -combat.
    • Snow crabs offer some filler food.
    • If you don't need any of the above (or if you can delay them), you can leave the garden unharvested until the third day to get a frost flower, to make the nuns worth doing (in conjunction with a bunch of other +meat sources).
    • The snow machine workshed item can combo well with this garden, as always.
  • A Pumpkin Patch has one significant benefit over the other gardens: access to a yellow-ray function via the pumpkin bomb. However, you may have to farm up extra knob goblin firecrackers to get them. While Pete can access a 100-turn cooldown yellow ray via a motorbike upgrade, it requires a lot of skill points to get the Flash Headlight skill. Alternatively, this garden provides very easy food via pumpkin pie for those without access to the Hot Dog Stand. This garden's utility drops to last place once Pete has the skill points to pick up Flash Headlight for the Filthy Hippy Disguise and the Frat Warrior Fatigues.
  • A Peppermint Patch is mostly used for its high-turngen booze, which Pete can mix for free with Cocktail Magic. However, Petes with access to Throw Party but not Hard Drinker will have no issues filling up most of their liver, making the additional drunkenness of the peppermint booze unnecessary, and those with Hard Drinker can likely hit their target daycount anyway. The booze also requires 3 extra base booze bottles per day, which you might be able to spare (especially post-Pirates), but are trickier to get in the early part of the run. This garden can also provide free runaways with the peppermint parasol, but a high-skill Pete has access to so many free runaways anyway that you won't need them after your low-skill runs. It can also give single-turn filthworm glands via the peppermint crook, which could save many turns if you aren't getting Natural Dancer.
  • A Bone Garden is traditionally used for free island access, but the most useful gas tank upgrade already gives free island access, so that feature is unnecessary. That still leaves a few nice options:
  • A Beer Garden is only useful for booze, a use that all of the other gardens share, but it also gets you tin cups which can provide a very minor boost at no opportunity cost, and the tin tam can be helpful for A-boo Peak or accessing Groar.

Astral Consumables

  • astral hot dogs are a poor choice, with only 5 stomach capacity you can only eat one per day, and by the time they reach maximum returns (level 11) you are only 1-2 days away from finishing the run. It is also not hard to fill up your stomach with other great alternatives, especially if you have access to the Hot Dog Stand, or with semi-rare foods.
  • astral pilsners easily fit in your huge liver. Making them probably the better choice. While you can get and craft awesome drinks via pete's skills, you are also liable to not have enough of them to fill up on.

Astral Gear

  • Pete can wear shirts thanks to Best Dressed, so if you do not own Sneaky Pete's leather jacket the astral shirt is a viable option, and a great option for low-skill runs, providing lots of easy stat gains in an otherwise under-utilized slot. Note that you need to have permed Torso Awaregness to be allowed to take the astral shirt in valhalla.
  • The astral mask offers a range of useful benefits, however the item drop bonus is less useful than usual if you are able to get Natural Dancer because your available item drop is so huge anyway, and you can gain access to the yellow ray effect via Flash Headlight with the appropriate motorbike upgrade. If you're not planning on going all the way through the Loveable Rogue tree, then the astral mask should be very strongly considered in hardcore, but it is a toss-up between this and the shirt.
  • Those who have most of the skills might want to consider the astral belt for even more stats than the shirt, a lot of powerleveling needs doing in this path and high-skill Pete can tackle lots of ML, but doesn't have access to much.

Workshed Items

Skill Analysis

The three trees have rough themes of item drops, combat stats, and utility banishes, as shown with their final skills, with some substat-gain, recovery, and booze skills mixed around for good measure. Every time you complete a Avatar of Sneaky Pete ascension you will begin the next one with more skill points available to invest in the skill trees. During the time when you don't have enough skill points available to get all of them, you'll need to make some decisions about which skills to take and in what order: without any points, a notable stand-out is Check Hair as it is Pete's sole boost to item drop, and Pete does not have familiars and cannot use a gravy fairy to buff item drops like standard classes. What follows is an analysis of the most important skills in each tree.

Lovable Rogue Tree

  • Mixologist and Throw Party at positions 2 and 3 in this tree are pretty much a necessity for Hardcore. Without these skills you will really struggle to fill your liver with high quality booze and your adventure generation will be atrocious. Mixologist lets you make Disco Bandit cocktails and superhuman cocktails (you will find Nash Crosby's Still in your Workshed to make the latter) and Throw Party gives you the ingredients to make them. Don't forget that the amount of ingredients you get with Throw Party depends on the amount of audience love you have, so will want to focus on raising it at the start of your ascension by using Mug for the Audience whenever possible. Disco Bandit cocktails have a level requirement of 4 and superhuman cocktails a level requirement of 6, so you ideally want to invest at least three points into the Lovable Rogue tree by the time you reach level 4, ideally before drinking on day 1. Watch out, it costs 1 turn to craft a Disco Bandit cocktail, and 2 turns to craft a Superhuman cocktail, so make sure you have enough adventures spare. Unfortunately it is possible to get RNG screwed on the ingredients you receive as there is no guarantee you will be able to mix them together effectively, so choose which drinks to make and which ingredients to distill with care.
  • Fix Jukebox at position 4 allows you to get +300% item drop buff for the current encounter, three times a day. The effect can utilized similarly to the yellow ray mechanic, in that it allows you to more easily get drops from monsters, although it is only partially effective as this skill can only guarantee the drops on items with a 25% base drop rate or higher. See Yellow ray strategy for some ideas on the sorts of important items to target, however you will need to check the drop rate to see if it can still be acquired with this skill. For example trying to get the Filthy Hippy Disguise using this skill is a bad idea and you should just wait until level 9 and then boost non-combats, due to the staggeringly low base drop rate on the outfit pieces. On the upside, unlike Yellow rays it has no cooldown and also works on conditional items such as evil eyes or blasting soda. Finally, using this skill also gets you a big chunk of audience love, which can help max out your approval for Throw Party, but in practice concentrating on the daily item drop bonus is going to be a better idea.
  • Check Hair at position 7 gets you a buff that gives +100% item drops for 10 turns at the cost of 30MP. It may be too expensive to run all the time (depending on which MP-generating IOTMs you've got), but running it whenever you need item drops for a quest that cannot be guaranteed via Fix Jukebox (or you've already used up your 3 uses of that for the day) should be perfectly manageable even without IOTMs. It's worth noting that if you don't make it this far along this tree, Sneaky Pete's general-purpose item drop access is atrocious, with limited access to other significant item drops bonuses, barring the occasional 10%-25% buff here and there from various sources and pickpocket. In hardcore during low-skill runs that do not plan to at least pick up this skill, the astral mask comes highly recommended. Check Hair really helps for The Defiled Nook, the 8-Bit Realm, The Hole in the Sky and getting the steel margarita, making it more valuable in hardcore.
  • Cocktail Magic at position 8 lets you mix cocktails without spending adventures. If you fully utilize the Nash Crosby's Still you could make 5 superhuman cocktails per day, this skill will save you 10 adventures a day when doing so. If you have maxed out Pete's liver at 34, you could add another 4-5 adventures saved a day on crafting lesser drinks. All other turngen skills Sneaky Pete has are better than this, but it is still additional adventures per day.
  • Make Friends at position 9 is similar to Transcendent Olfaction but less powerful. It adds 3 copies of a monster to a zone but does not remove queue rejection. This makes it significantly less powerful than olfaction, but it can still help speed up some zones. Of course, if you don't yet have enough skill points to get all the Dangerous Rebel skills for banishes, then this skill is useful in a large number of places. You generally want to use it anywhere where you would usually use olfaction, but bear in mind that between Incite Riot and Walk Away From Explosion in the Dangerous Rebel tree, you can banish two monsters in a zone, guaranteeing the remaining monster to show up every time in a 3 monster zone. Make Friends is therefore best suited for zones with lots of monsters, bloopers and astronomers being the two major targets. Watch out, as making friends with an enemy requires you to have at least 20 audience Love banked, and costs 20 when you use it, so if you want to use it multiple times in quick succession you may run into problems. Note that the monster you're currently friendly with can be seen in the skill description, and the monster you make friends with will stay friendly with you "forever", even across rollover, until you make friends with another monster or cancel the path.
  • Natural Dancer. This skill. This skill! Good grief! A passive +200% item drops is absolutely gigantic and combined with Check Hair, which is a prerequisite, lets you trivially cap any item drop with a base rate of 25% or higher. Incredibly powerful, especially in hardcore, but can save some pulls in softcore too. Some yellow ray or Fix Jukebox targets typically have base drop rates around 30%, they can be capped naturally when you get to the bottom of this skill tree, thereby allowing you to save those limited resources for other things. Here's a list of quest relevant item drop targets that can't be capped with 300% but can be capped with 600% by using Fix Jukebox, (in rough appearance order):
And here's a list of item drops with lower than 15% base drop rate, being good targets for yellow rays:

Motorcycle Guy Tree

  • Rev Engine at position 1 initially gives a buff of +10 to all stats for 5MP, with the length of the buff scaling to your audience Love or Hate, which is pretty nice early on, but not major. However, by upgrading your motorbike's muffler you can make this skill also give 10 turns of a +15% combat chance or -15% combat chance buff. Note that the +combat upgrade is Pete's only source of +combat, and Sonofa Beach is painful in Hardcore without it. While upgrading this skill requires giving up the muffler that makes Peel Out banish, enough banishers are available in the Dangerous Rebel Tree to make upgrading this skill the usual best course of action. You will generally want the -combat muffler if you're not getting Incite Riot (although those without a VIP key may want to consider it anyway if not picking up Brood), and the +combat muffler otherwise. A small thing to consider, if you do upgrade this skill: it's possible to end up in a situation where you run out of the +stat buff but don't want to cast it due to not wanting the combat chance modifier buff at that time.
  • Born Showman at position 2 is a nice passive Moxie bonus. If you have Sneaky Pete's leather jacket this can be as high as a +25 bonus to Moxie. Without the Jacket it caps at +15 Moxie.
  • Pop Wheelie at position 3 is a large deleveling skill that is very useful for Softcore where you have access to more ML. It also helps you survive in the Haunted Ballroom if you're setting the song early.
  • Rowdy Drinker at position 4 is essentially a passive Ode to Booze. With Pete's liver potentially getting very large (size 19 minimum, size 34 max) this is a very strong skill, easily generating between 23-38 adventures per day after nightcap. Possibly even more, with size 34 liver and having unlocked Fog Murderer during the level 11 quest it will generate 40 adventures per day. Or if you have the right IOTM or are in softcore you can buy Bucket of wine at the mall and pull it for a nightcap and generate an extra 44 adventures per day. For Hardcore, Throw Party on the Lovable Rogue tree is arguably higher priority, but ideally you want both. A very strong 0-skill hardcore skill selection is to pick up Throw Party and then immediately beeline for this skill in time for level 7.
  • Peel Out at position 5 is initially 10 free runaways per day. However for monster control, Pete has other sources of banishment, and pseudo-olfacting, combined with the opportunity costs of investing those 2 motorcycle upgrades into this skill offset this somewhat; also all that running away hurts your leveling up. 10 runaways is very decent though and additionally helps with getting noncombats where other skills have failed. It has two motorcycle upgrades available but they are awkward choices: you can upgrade your muffler to make peel outs also banish (at the cost of not making Rev Engine give combat chance modifiers), or you can upgrade your tires to increase the limit to 30 peel outs a day (at the cost of not being able to skip Mt. McLargeHuge). 30 banishes per day that are also free runaways is immensely powerful and can situationally turn this into one of Pete's most powerful skills if he needs to visit multiple zones quickly, as smoke grenade itself is not a free runaway. The skill costs 10 MP to use each time, so it can get very expensive overall if you upgrade your usage limit and do not have Animal Magnetism.
  • Easy Riding at position 6 is very useful. Pete doesn't naturally have access to much ML, yet can easily access a lot of turncutting abilities via his motorbike and skills. This can leave him needing quite a lot of powerleveling, so a passive +5 moxie stats per fight is a pretty big deal -- the same amount as you'd get from +40 ML. Do watch out for your offstats though -- you also need 62 muscle for the antique machete and 70 mysticality to equip the war outfit. Obviously this skill is more useful the earlier you can pick it up.
  • Check Mirror at position 7 lets you spend an adventure to set or swap one of 4 mutually exclusive intrinsic abilities: +3 to all elemental resistance, +3 stats per fight, +50% meat or +50% initiative. +3 stats per fight is the obvious winner in hardcore, with initiative possibly being better in softcore. The elemental resistance helps for A-Boo clues, navigating the Maze at the sorceress tower, having enough stench resist for Twin Peak and for Boss Bat Quest, searching drawers in The Haunted Kitchen, and for Mt. McLargeHuge (skipping it via the motorbike tire upgrade still requires 5 cold resist to fight Groar, as does taking the Ninja Snowmen path, while getting the outfit is likely the better route for those that go for more peel outs)
  • Biker Swagger at position 9 gives +30 ML for 30 MP, the number of turns of the effect being equal to your audience Love or Hate, with a minimum of 10. Easy to survive thanks to Rev Engine, Born Showman, Pop Wheelie and Riding Tall, all of which are prerequisites for this skill. This skill can cut out a fair amount of powerleveling, as well as speed up Oil Peak, The Defiled Cranny and help find drunken rat kings.
  • Flash Headlight at position 10 isn't great unless you use your motorbike headlight upgrade to turn it into an 100-turn cooldown yellow ray (at the cost of not getting the extra desert exploration upgrade). Despite Pete having easy access to 300% item drops on the Lovable Rogue tree, yellow rays are still useful and the short cooldown time means you can fit them in more easily. See either Yellow ray strategy or the list above in the Natural Dancer analysis for good ways to use these. If you're not planning on getting the upgrade, you can ignore getting this skill.

Dangerous Rebel Tree

  • Live Fast at position 2 gives 100% initiative, which can be a big help for managing your audience participation levels by making it easier to use Pickpocket and Mug for the Audience.
  • Incite Riot at position 3 is a great "toolbox" skill that offers a wide variety of utility (both turncutting and turn generation), and is pretty much the only skill that makes you want to stock up on Audience Hate. The skill will summon up once per day at least one each of the following useful items, two of which are combat items and two noncombat items:
    • smoke grenade, which is a 20 turn banisher.
    • Molotov soda, which generates ~9 adventures for 3 spleen. (despite a 2018 update removing turn gen from most spleen items, these still generate adventures)
    • pile of ashes, which gives 20 turns of -10% combat.
    • crate of firebombs, which gives 10 combat items that do 40-50 damage.
OK, so that last one isn't super useful, but the others are great and you get a lot of them. You will get 3 of each at 30 Hate or 4-5 of each at 50 Hate. Unfortunately if you only get up to this skill in this tree and then stop, getting to maximum Hate for this skill from maximum Love for Throw Party in the Lovable Rogue Tree can be a real annoyance, requiring 60 pickpockets (or 50 pickpockets if you have Sneaky Pete's leather jacket).
  • Jump Shark at position 4 is here to save the day for Incite Riot's Hate management problems, and it's strongly advised to pick it up if you're getting Incite Riot. 3 times per day Jump Shark can be used in combat to generate substats, but more importantly will give 10 Hate, or set Hate to 5 if you have 5 or more Audience Love. This makes flipping between love and hate much more straightforward. Note that the substats generated are roughly 10 times your level to each stat, so you might want to delay using this on day 1 to get more free substats.
  • Animal Magnetism at position 5 gives an incredibly large amount of MP regeneration and will significantly help with any problems funding other skills, particularly Biker Swagger and Peel Out in the Motorcycle Guy tree.
  • Hard Drinker at position 7 gives +10 liver space, which makes Pete's already massive liver space even more gigantic. Combined with Rowdy Drinker in the Motorcycle Guy tree you can generate a very large number of turns each day. Of course, you will need to loot the booze to begin with.
  • Unrepentant Thief may be of some use if you don't have Rogue skills for item drop.
  • Brood at position 9 gives 10 turns of -10% combat for 20MP, and combined with the pile of ashes from Incite Riot will get you -20% non-combat for up to 60 turns every day solely from your skills, which is all you need if you time where you adventure correctly. Including the motorcycle upgrades, these skills might allow you to pick up the Extra-Loud Muffler for +combat, or they can simply stack them with the Extra-Quiet Muffler.
  • Walk Away From Explosion is an instakill + 30 turn banish with an unavoidable 30 turn cooldown (against Boss Monsters it will remove 50% of their HP and not banish). Combined with the smoke grenades from Incite Riot this will let you significantly speed up certain tasks, by letting you guarantee encountering the monster you want every time in 3 monster zones. The most important examples of this are dirty old lihcs, zombie waltzers, pygmy shamans, pygmy witch surgeons,pygmy bowlers and tomb rats. Care needs to be taken for The Hidden City monsters as you will need to work around the 30 turn cooldown.

Motorcycle Upgrades

Upgrading your motorcycle is a key part of being a Motorcycle Guy. Motorcycle upgrades let you tweak the effects of your skills, bypass some tasks, or aid in your survivability.


  • Racing Slicks increase your Peel Out daily cap from 10 runaways to 30. Depends highly on your skills for noncombats and banishes.
  • Snow Tires allows you to bypass the majority of the Level 8 quest and fight Groar immediately after having scrounged up enough cold resistance to fight him. Solid choice, it may actually be faster on sub-3 day runs to take this.
  • Spiked Tires increase damage Pop Wheelie does from 30% to 50% of your buffed Moxie. This doesn't do much for an excellent deleveling skill, as the only important damage is the amount you take and as any bonus damage provided can be negated by simply attacking again after delevelling to no-hit (below your Moxie). But it does sound cool!

Gas Tank

  • Large Capacity Tank lets you immediately reach the Desert Beach allowing you to skip building a bitchin' meatcar or buying a Desert Bus pass. Unneeded if a player has ascended under The Vole moon sign.
  • Extra-Buoyant Tank allows immediate access to the Mysterious Island of Mystery. The favorite, it allows you to skip at least 9 turns of assembling a boat by various means or having the IOTMs that provide them.
  • Nitro-Burnin' Funny Tank grants an extra +50% Combat Initiative. Getting a jump is a clear bonus if you're running high amounts of monster level. It helps with pickpocket (+1 hate) and mug for the Audience (+1 love) as both require you to win initiative to use. It can also help with meeting the initiative requirements of certain quests such as Orc Chasm Quest if you lack other sources of initiative, as well as the modern zmobie and the Fastest Adventurer contest.


  • Blacklight Bulb is the most efficient as it aids in desert exploration (2% per fight) and stacks with an UV-resistant compass and other items with similar effects. It also lets Flash Headlight deal 40% of Moxie as Sleaze Damage and sometime stagger enemies, however this is not the main attraction of the upgrade. Overall one of the primary sources of Pete's elemental damage (beyond chucking tons of firebombs) and it can save up to 25 turns in the desert in hardcore.
  • Ultrabright Yellow Bulb turns Flash Headlight into a 100 turn Yellow Ray. However useful that may be, Fix Jukebox by default allows you to pick up any item with 25% drop rate, and fully investing in Lovable Rogue reduces the real need for this as Natural Dancer and Check Hair let you get any drop that has at least a base rate of 25%. Combined together, they allow you to force any drop that isn't below a 15% drop rate three times daily on top of that, assuming the MP is available. As Flash Headlight is a very late skill, this upgrade may only really be useful on a challenge to avoid using the Lovable Rogue tree.
  • Party Bulb lets Flash Headlight deals 20% of Moxie as Prismatic Damage (5 attacks/elements) and may stagger. Likely useless as there are better sources of elemental damage, such as Firebomb, and it doesn't save turns like Blacklight.


  • Ghost Vacuum allows you to clear out The Cyrpt slightly faster (1 extra evilness per combat). It will save no more than 1-2 turns per zone if you're already using the existing shortcuts. Also deals passive damage to ghosts, which may help out if you don't have any firebombs to chuck at them.
  • Rocket Launcher kills an extra 3 combatants per turn on The Battlefield. Its effects are marginalized the more quests you complete, depending on how you approach the Battlefield. Doing a Frat run with all 3 starting quests done and Orchard nets a 12 turn saving, but if the Nuns are also done it will save only 6 turns. Can be a serious help in early combats, killing enemies in a single shot -- but forget about using both Pickpocket and Fix Jukebox in that case.
  • Sweepy Red Light grants an extra +5 stats per fight. Really useful early on, but it may be marginalized by Easy Riding, Pompadour, or the excessive amounts of bonus monster level that Pete can survive.


  • Extra-Quiet Muffler gives you Muffled (-15% combat rate) when you Rev Engine. Generally a useful addition, since lowering the combat rate is strictly better in places not named Sonofa Beach or The Laugh Floor. However, the overall effect is marginalized by investing in the Dangerous Rebel tree. Brood and piles of ashes each lower the combat rate by 10% each and this is when Extra-Loud becomes more useful.
  • Extra-Loud Muffler gives you Unmuffled (+15% combat rate) when you Rev Engine. If you have those skills in Dangerous Rebel, this can be very helpful as Unmuffled is the only source of increased combat frequency in AoSP. It will allow you to complete the Sonofa Beach quest in significantly less than 61 turns. However if you take this muffler may want to stack up buffing All Revved Up earlier on in a run, as to avoid Unmuffled in places where it isn't needed.
  • Extra-Smelly Muffler allow you to banish monsters during a Peel Out. Initially capped at 10 times per day, it may be increased up to 30 with Racing Slicks. Unfortunately, the overall effect is marginalized by investing in the Dangerous Rebel tree, because smoke grenades are unlimited and Walk Away From Explosion lets you banish two monsters already without much issue. It is not really necessary to banish a third one on top of that.


  • Massage Seat grant 5-6 HP and MP regen, saving you meat and clicks on between combat restoration. Depending on which skills you have this will often be better than Deep-Seat Cushions in many runs, but under certain circumstances it can also be worse. It depends cost of restoration items, mall access (out of ronin softcore), how often you take damage or spend your MP (regen is wasted if you are at full HP/MP), access to pulled items for other regen sources (softcore) or the skill Animal Magnetism (9MP regen), fueling Shake It Off (full heal for 30MP). A number of ITOMs also grant regen, making this rather less of a priority.
  • Deep-Seat Cushions lets you find 20-30 meat after combat. Especially helpful on the first few days where you get very little meat income from beating monsters. If you have Animal Magnetism (Dangerous Rebel 5th skill, +8-10 MP per adventure) and Shake It Off (Loveable Rogue 6th skill, full heal), and/or Riding Tall (Motorcycle Guy 8th skill, +50% mox, +30% mys, +30% mus) then your HP/MP recovery costs can be so low that Deep-Seat Cushions becomes more profitable than Massage Seat. If taken at level 2, this will give you about 25,000 extra meat per run (the best early choices would probably be this or the Sweepy Red Light from Cowlings as the other upgrades largely affect quests).
  • Sissy Bar lowers Monster Level by 30. While it makes combat trivial, it is very detrimental for progress. It reduces the amount of substats you earn from each combat by 10, makes various quests take longer, and cannot be disabled.
Ascension Strategy
Rankings: HC Skills - HC Familiars - HC IotMs
General: Class selection - Familiar usage - Lucky adventures
Paths: BHY - Fist - AoB - BI - ZS - AoJ - BIG! - KOLHS - CA2 - AoSP - SS - HR - Picky - Ed - Random - AoWoL - Source - NA - GN - LtA - L.A.R. - PF - G-Lover - DD
Additional Paths: DG - 2CRS - KoE - PotP - LKS - GG - Y,Robot - QT - WF
IotMs: Tomes - Faxing - Copying - YR - Garden - Correspondent - Workshed - Tea party - Florist

Other notes

  • Pete doesn't get to use familiars (as he's too cool), which means that he has to rely on his skills for items and substats, or the motorcycle for meat. Make sure not to make use of familiar boosting items as they will be wasted.