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This guide will list some tricks and tips for an Avatar of Boris run.

Mr. Store-based goodies

Without familiars or permed skills, there are very few Mr. Store items that have a direct impact on Boris runs, especially in Hardcore.

These are the Mr. Store items which can directly affect a Hardcore Avatar of Boris run:

  • Boris's Helm: Designed for and a special free pull in Boris runs.
  • Clan VIP Lounge key: Allows access to several Mr. Accessories worth of clan furnishings.
    • You can get 1 daily fish equipment of your choice each day, that last until rollover and are very powerful.
    • You can get MP and HP restoring equipment from the Fortune Teller, as well as very powerful buffs. such as +100% meat drop, or +50% to item drops.
    • You can take 5 dips a day in Relaxing Hot Tub, removing all negative effects and healing all HP each time.
    • You can buy 1 hotdog each day. Most of which are awesome quality food, and grant either a buff or a skill such as 5/day free rests
    • You can play pool for buffs, including +10 MP regen, or +50 initiative and +10% item drop
    • You can get "DRINK ME" potions to acquire various buffs from The Mad Tea Party each day.
    • You can buy reasonably priced awesome drinks at the Phone Booth, which happen to be sized just right to fit Boris' tiny liver. You can also buy unreasonably priced ones too but probably shouldn't.
    • You can acquire Shard of double-ice from the April Shower. On day 2 you will have enough for a very powerful hat, the Double-ice cap. Which Stuns opponents who hit you, regen 5-9 MP per adventure, and +10 Cold Damage.
    • You can NOT use the fax machine, as Boris hates technology
  • A Pumpkin Patch, A Peppermint Patch, A Bone Garden, A Beer Garden or A Winter Garden: Mutually exclusive.
  • My Own Pen Pal kit or GameInformPowerDailyPro subscription card: Can be swapped daily if needed.
  • Camp Scout backpack: Great source of food and booze, in-and-out-of-combat HP & MP regen, meat and survivability. Does not need to be pulled to drop items in Hardcore.
  • Florist Friar: These plants are useful to Boris's Avatar, as they are for everyone else.

Normal runs can also pull Mr. Store items, though much are unusable. In particular, familiars, skillbooks, shirts (unless Torso Awaregness is acquired in-run) weapons, off-hand items, and familiar equipment are unusable, and Boris's Helm is the most suitable Mr. Store item for the head slot. This leaves pants and accessories.

Boris's Helm

Designed to favor an Avatar of Boris run, anyone who can afford it would do well to get Boris's Helm. Not only do its stats complement Boris well, but it can be pulled from Hagnk's even in Hardcore.


Peppermint sprouts
  • Provides superior booze, but you not only have to upgrade to a Queue Du Coq cocktailcrafting kit at the cost of 1000 meat, you also need to come across base booze with which to mix it and spend a turn mixing it.
  • Easiest way to generate free runaways with the Peppermint parasol.
  • Peppermint crooks are useful for gaining low-droprate items such as filthworm glands.
  • Peppermint patties are a pretty swell thing to make if you don't need any of the above.
  • Skeleton quiche will provide epic food, best combined with Glorious Lunch. It's only once a day, but it will fill you up.
  • Crystal skeleton vodka is a great epic booze, but with only four drunkenness available it would be more economical to use them for quiche. The effect is a nice +25% item bonus and +15 ML, but in the long run you will not need it if you have the Lute and other ML increases.
  • The most important skeleton supplement is the skeletal skiff, granting you access to the Mysterious Island. You will need to wait at least two days to get enough skeletons, but doing so will save you at least 9 turns you would need to spend vacationing.
  • Skeletons and The Closet offer you some interesting buff combinations. The Skeletal Buddy will delevel enemies and give you +2 stats. You can choose a second skeletal companion to augment your buddy, in which case the Skeletal Wizard will give you extra MP if you need it. The others are less useful than the stats you can gain.
  • skeleton skis, skeletal scabbard, auxiliary backbone, and Bonestabber are all useless for Boris. Lazybones™ recliner may be useful for the buff but it will cost you an adventure.
Hops and barley
  • (Someone with experience using a beer garden as Boris's Avatar please weigh in.)
Snow and ice


My Own Pen Pal kit
  • Not too powerful in Boris, though the day 1 item is worth 200 meat for a faster start.
  • The box of Pokëmann band-aids can be helpful for the gremlins.
GameInformPowerDailyPro subscription card
  • As an Avatar of Boris cannot take advantage of a Gelatinous Cubeling to provide shortcuts for the revamped Daily Dungeon, The GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon offers a potentially less painful and much more profitable (in food, booze, meat and stats) method of acquiring a fat loot token for roughly two to three times the Adventure cost.
  • Some of the boss's drops would serve Boris well, such as the Gauntlets, Cloak, or Boots.
    • Those not so useful (e.g., Shield, Sword, or Helm if you also have Boris's Helm) still have an autosell price of 2000 meat.
  • If nothing else, the once-per-day free dungeoneering kit isn't to be sneezed at, even if you intend to just autosell its contents for 318 meat for a faster day 1 start.

Astral Consumables

  • You can buy a set of astral consumables at The Deli Lama before each run for 1 Karma. Either option scales in quality based on your level at the time of consumption. Reaching a maximum quality if consumed at level 11 or higher. They can be consumed on day 1 as a somewhat decent food, avoiding the consumption of crappy food/drink. Or saved for maximum benefit later in the run.
  • astral hot dog dinner gives you 3 hot dogs, each with 3 fullness. Starting at 2 adventures per full at level 1 and maxing out at an average of 7.35 adventures per full (6.7 to 8). If you take the skill path of Feasting (which you should, as it is the most powerful path) then you will also get +2 adventures per full on food items by level 10. So if you do save it up for level 11 you will be getting an average of +9.35 adventures per full. On day 1 it can help you replace the Ur-Donut (which is not available to Boris)
  • Astral six-pack gives you 6 astral pilsner's, each with 1 drunkenness. Starting at 3 adventures per drunkenness at level 1 and maxing out at 11 adventures per drunkenness. Since Boris can only drink 4 units of drunkenness per day safely (becoming too drunk to adventure at 5+), having them at size 1 each gives you more flexibility on how and when you consume them. If you have access to your clan VIP Lounge then you can fill up on Bee's Knees on early days and save them for when you reach level 11.

Astral Gear

  • Astral Gear can be purchased at the Pet_Heaven before any new ascension
  • Boris may only use the weapon Trusty or be barehanded. No other item can be equipped in main or off hand. Boris also will not use familiars. As such the following astral gear cannot be used:
  • The astral shirt (shirt) must be unlocked via perming the skill Torso Awaregness. However, Boris loses access to all permed skills and must relearn it during the run. Initially this could only be done via ascending under a gnome sign and purchasing it for 5000 meat, which made its value dubious. Updates have since added a second option, you can learn the skill for free and without sign restriction via the quest The Shirt Off His Lack of Back, which scales to your level automatically and can be done on day 1 (taking about 21 adventures). To start that quest you must have a shirt, which requires pulling it from hangk in softcore, or taking the astral shirt in hardcore. The shirt gives +3 prismatic damage which will help against physical immune enemies (ghosts), although Feasting tree will give you a powerful elemental attack which works against such enemies so it is not as critical, still it is bonus damage. Additionally the shirt gives +10% to all attributes improving both attack and defense and +3 stats per fight. Getting all 3 bonuses in a single item makes it a very nice choice. In addition to all that it even uses an otherwise unused body slot.
  • The astral belt (accessory) provides +10% to all stats, improving both offense and defense. And also comes with +20 monster level, so make sure you can handle it.
  • The astral trousers (pants) provide +25% to muscle, +50% weapon damage, and +20% meat drops. Giving the biggest Muscle bonus from the items which you can actually use. just keep in mind that several quests require you to wear a costume, which means you have to unequip your favored pants or hat.
  • The astral mask (accessory) provides +25% to moxie, +20% item drop. The bonus moxie can increase your surviveability, although boris tends to have lots of HP and kill in 1 to few hits. So you should not aim at plinking. Remember, you won't have your +item skills or fairy type familiars. So without a clan VIP room access you will have very limited sources of +item drops until level 7 when clancy unlocks the ability to function as a fairy.
  • The astral shorts (pants) require no unlock, with +25% to moxie raising defense, +20% initiative raising the chance of going first, and +2-4 HP & MP per adventure they can dramatically aid survival if you are finding combat to be too hard.
  • The astral bracer can make for easy MP management for combat skills, reducing the cost of each combat skill usage by -3 MP. If you are attacking entirely using Heroic Belch (which will 1 hit kill early and mid run enemies) then it drops the cost of most battles from 5MP to 2MP. However, if you do have heroic belch (level 6 Feasting skill) you will most likely go for the level 9 Feasting skill Barrel Chested, which gives a passive +50% to muscle and will allow you to kill most enemies in 1 regular hit anyways. This is more useful if you are running higher +ML.

Avatar of Boris Skills

The following is an analysis of all of the skills available in Avatar of Boris. Some skills will be more desirable after you bank skill points.


  • Mighty Axing: This skill is equivalent to your regular attack, except you can never fumble and it gives you +1 Muscle substat on kill. Since it costs 0 MP you should be using this whenever possible. But keep in mind that some boss fights such as Naughty Sorceress and Bonerdagon will interrupt your skill use and cause you to lose a turn, for those bosses you should not use Mighty Axing, instead using a regular attack.
  • Laugh it Off: Avatars of Boris will need HP more than they need MP, so you will be using this the most out of any other skills. It heals 1-2 HP per use, but also only costs 1 MP per use, and you can type in a quantity for using it many times in a row. Fueling this skill with purchased MP restorers is cheaper than buying HP restorers


The Feasting tree contains a lot of very powerful passives and also generates a lot of extra adventures. If it is your first Boris ascension or you are looking to make things easier, then it is advised that you put a lot of skill points into this tree, as it will lower daycount and can make combat significantly easier and cheaper.

  • Demand Sandwich: Gives you 3 sandwiches (3 full each) per day. The quality of the food summoned is based on your level at the time when you used that skill, and increases as you level up. For the most part they will be better than most other food you will eat during the ascension. Level 1-4 gives 2.34 adv/full, level 5-8 gives 3.17 adv/full, level 9+ gives 4.17 adv/full. If you use KoL built in reminder to activate the skill from the main page it will use it repeatedly until all 3 sandwiches are summoned, if you are close to a breakpoint you should summon them 1 at a time from the skills page, to try and get a few more adventures that day.
  • Legendary Girth: Gives you passive elemental resistances. This will reduce the damage you take in some combats and The Daily Dungeon, and is an easy source of resistance for Guano Junction, The Haunted Kitchen and The Icy Peak as well as A-boo Peak and Twin Peak.
  • Song of the Glorious Lunch: The Avatar of Boris's Got Milk. Will generate between 20 and 30 turns each day.
  • Big Boned: The extra HP may help combat survivability but more importantly will make your full heals from the hot tub go further, saving a lot on healing costs.
  • Legendary Appetite: An extra 5 Stomach capacity. This will allow you to generate a significant number of extra adventures each day.
  • Heroic Belch: With 30 fullness, deals about 80-120 Stench damage and always hits. Very strong in the middle levels but starts to become less effective near the end of the ascension. Will make short work of the spirits in The Hidden City, as well as the friar's demons and most anything in Spookyraven Manor.
  • Hungry Eyes: +100% Food drops. Makes Fruit Golem farming a worthwhile possibility, but also speeds up getting goat cheese and wet stunt nut stew.
  • More to Love: A passive +3 Clancy level is the equivalent of roughly ~22% item drops throughout the ascension when using the lute that stacks with all other modifiers, and also makes the other instruments a bit better.
  • Barrel Chested: +50% Muscle. This passive will single-handedly remove all of the difficulty from almost every combat. Especially useful for The Naughty Sorceress who can otherwise be very tough.
  • Gourmand: A passive Got Milk which stacks with Glorious Lunch. Gives you even more adventures, but until you bank a sufficient amount of skill points, it's not something you need to rush.


The Shouting tree contains a large number of skills that will save a large amount of turns during your ascension. Some of the skills are very powerful especially towards the end of the tree, but they also require a fair amount of MP. Requires more effort than the Feasting tree but will lower turncount significantly.

  • Intimidating Bellow: Reduces monster attack and defense by 15% of the monster's attack. Can only be used once per combat. Will make the gremlins and bosses easier but this skill does not come into its own until Louder Bellows later in the tree.
  • Legendary Bravado: +10 to all stats. Makes the lower levels a breeze and allows you to run +10 monster level from the start of the ascension, as well as giving you +10 max mp allowing you to use big skills much sooner. Powerful early on and nice to have throughout the ascension but becomes less useful later.
  • Song of Accompaniment: Worth ~22% item drops when Clancy is using his lute. Nice to have, but obsoleted by Song of Fortune later in the tree if you're using the lute. However, this song is still definitely worth running when you're using the crumhorn and can't handle or get song of cockiness, or if you really need more returns from the sackbut.
  • Big Lungs: Passive HP regen. Reduces healing costs by a sizable amount throughout the ascension. Far more useful if you do not have a VIP key.
  • Song of Solitude: A huge 20% -Combat modifier. An extremely powerful skill that will save an enormous number of turns in the ascension.
  • Good Singing Voice: Doubles song durations which will save some MP costs. Not terribly useful.
  • Song of Fortune: Gives slightly more item drop than Song of Accompaniment after Clancy reaches level 5, but most importantly makes your first strike of each combat a critical hit. This will make most non-boss combats in the ascension very easy when combined with the next skill, and the extra meat gains will help fund the times when you want to use another song instead. Is especially powerful before Clancy gets his lute.
  • Louder Bellows: Doubles the effectiveness of Intimidating Bellow but also stuns the monster for 1 round. Will solve most of your combat issues throughout the ascension.
  • Song of Battle: Gives 20% +Combat, which makes the Lighthouse quest faster, makes normal attacks guaranteed to hit and +100% weapon damage. Saves some turns in an ascension and makes bosses and very high ml enemies easier.
  • Banishing Shout: Permanently banishes up to 3 monsters at a time. If you try to banish a fourth monster, the first monster you banished will return. Has a huge MP cost but will save a massive number of turns in a large number of areas throughout the ascension if you can afford it. Think of it as the Boris equivalent of Transcendent Olfaction. Don't bother picking it up until you have 50 max mana available.


The Fighting tree gets the short end of the stick as most of the skills are based around making combat easier, but the other two trees contain skills that give you all the combat effectiveness you need. While the combat skills in this tree are necessary to handle the extra ML this tree contains, this requires a significant skill point investment and is not as useful as the other two trees. As a result this skill tree is mostly an "all-or-nothing" endeavor and is not worth investing in until you can master the other two trees.

  • Cleave: A combat skill that gives extra damage and to-hit chance. Pretty strong, but unnecessary until you are running lots of extra ML.
  • Ferocity: +25% critical hit chance. Its unreliability makes it almost worthless, but it can be useful if you have monster pants or the like.
  • Broadside: Stun for 4 rounds. The 10MP cost makes it expensive to use every combat, but will trivialize it when used. Very useful for bosses.
  • Sick Pythons: Passive weapon damage and higher hit chance. The weapon damage boost is quite large and will make it easier to 1-hit kill many enemies and the accuracy helps when running higher ML. It can also help significantly with the otherwise difficult NS fight.
  • Pep Talk: A toggleable +30ML. Will give a significant number of stats per combat but is very hard to handle unless you have Legendary Impatience.
  • Throw Trusty: Will stop enemies from triggering retaliatory damage and on-hit status effects such as Cunctatitis. Very limited use.
  • Legendary Luck: Makes critical hits better. Nice when using Song of Fortune but is otherwise unreliable.
  • Song of Cockiness: Another +30ML. Gives a lot more stats than song of accompaniment with the crumhorn, but would be very hard to handle as you can't use Song of Fortune or Song of Battle. Has its uses for backfarming.
  • Legendary Impatience: Almost a prerequisite for handling a lot of the bonus ML available earlier on in this tree, and therefore enables you to take advantage of the bonus substats, and will make the The Cyrpt a bit faster.
  • Bifurcating Blow. An instant kill on a cooldown. Will make the occasional combat a bit cheaper, or let you fight a monster way above your current level, but won't really kill most of the things you'd really want it to. If you have spare stone wool, Clan of cave bars is probably the most practical target. However, if it is used against a tower foe or boss, it cuts their current HP in half. Not that great a skill, though can be cheaper MP-wise (a big deal for the often-Muscularity-starved Boris) than Bellow -> Broadside -> Axing (for the +1 Mus substat) -> Cleave -> repeat against very tough non-bosses like nightstands while running at least +75 ML at level 4-5, at least against the first one.


  • Clancy acts as a volleyball with the crumhorn, which costs 2500 meat and requires access to the Beach. So, for speed purposes, you'll want to get the meatcar built (or the bus pass bought) and scrounge up 2500 meat ASAP.
  • Clancy acts as a fairy with the Lute at level 7, but you must do his first two quest in the Tavern and Knob Shaft before you can get it. If you can stand to wait, get his lute before going for steel stomach or the skeleton part of the crypt.

General Tips/Tricks

In hardcore boriscore filling your stomach with good food is a tough challenge. Your main foodsource will most likely consist of semirares, fortune cookies, sandwiches from demand sandwich and pies.

If on day 1 the first thing you do is the quests Doc Galaktik's Quest for Herbs and Lending a Hand (and a Foot) then you will be able to fill up on day 1 with Standard-issue cupcakes and Acceptable bagels, both of which give 3 adv/full and are superior to to the level 1-4 summoned sandwich. This will also let you to reach level 5 on day 1 before you summon sandwiches, giving you 6 tier 2 sandwiches on day 2. Extra bagels are good too as you will eat them in later days when your stomach capacity expands and you don't have better food. Just make sure to remember to actually stop by the Bagelmat-5000 after you are done at the Madness Bakery to create the basic bagels. Madness bakery is also needed to make pies (or make pies cheaper if in a knoll sign), which will account for much of your fullness during a Boris run. While Doc Galaktik quest gives you the cheapest source of restoring HP and MP by spending Meat.

When you do the scavenger run during the Spookyraven Manor portion of the Level 11 quest you will get the ingredients for Deluxe layer cake, at 10 fullness and being an awesome food it fits Boris' stomach quite well. It gives 4.5 adventures per fullness and you must be at least level 10 to eat it. It might actually be worthwhile to farm them after level 10 to eat them exclusively. If you finished the feasting tree you have high chance of the ingredients dropping, and alongside steel lasagna can eat 3 a day for +195 adventures from food (that number includes the +2/fullness bonus from a finished feasting tree).

Selling the 5 Pork Elf gems you get at the beginning of each run allows you to start with 2500 meat, which will let you start strong on a run, especially because Boris doesn't pay meat to learn skills.

It may also be worthwhile to spend a few clovers in the The Hippy Camp with a filthy hippy disguise to acquire fruit baskets. These provide limes for Boris's key lime pies (and cherries for cherry pies). Keep in mind that this is a calculated risk since you are not guaranteed to get these greater fruits. So if your clover days are stingy, it may be a good idea to save them for more important things that shave turns. The key lime pie gives 3.75 adventures per fullness, making it a good choice earlier in the run.

Another strategy to fill your stomach in hardcore is to unlock the Menagerie Level 1 and use an Odor extractor on the fruit golems to acquire limes and cherries a la Bad Moon strategy. This is probably not worthwhile until you have Clancy's lute and Hungry Eyes, not to mention an acceptable finished Bounty on days 1, 2 or 3. If you farm just before rollover you can have 20 turns of the friars food buff before, and 20 the next day to go with your 40 turns of On The Trail.

Chronic Indigestion can be a very useful skill for AoB runs, becoming potentially lethal to low-level monsters if your stomach is full. It can also be used as a (somewhat) useful alternative to Heroic Belch against physically-immune monsters like the protector spirits.

Double-ice cap can be an extremely useful hat though the entirety of an AoB run. It's one of the only sources of good MP regeneration aside from Pork Elf jewelry, which are very situational. It's also great for its effect of stunning an opponent that hits you. Once you're at a point where you can't one-shot monsters, the stun will allow you to avoid one round of damage, it even works against bosses such as the Naughty Sorceress.

It can be worthwhile to spend a few turns obtaining the Spookyraven Manor skill Snarl of the Timberwolf which gives +10 spooky damage for 1 MP an adventure. This helps when fighting monsters that are resistant to physical damage if you don't have heroic belch, in particular the Protector Spirits in the Hidden City; or fighting any enemy that is not spooky resistant.

Remember that you can still make a meat maid, even in an AoB run, at the cost of a clover. Particularly on a Knoll sign where you can buy all the other ingredients.

Boris has a big stomach, and since you'll most likely be eating only 3-fullness foods plenty of spare room for fortune cookies. Semi-Rares you should look into are Tasty Tarts, Lunchboxes, Scented Massage Oils, Cyclops Eyedrops, and Inhalers.


So, you have gobs of HP and MP. Even more if you're Big Boned and Barrel Chested. How are you going to heal up the damage you're tanking?

Your most efficient source of converting Meat to HP is to use the skill Laugh it Off with the best MP restorer you can buy a the time.

MP Restorers

Source MP Gain Cost Meat per MP Notes
Doc Galaktik's Invigorating Tonic after Quest 9-11 (10 avg) 60 Meat 6 This price requires doing a Quest
black cherry soda 9-11 (10 avg) 80 Meat 8 Requires access to The Black Market, opens during the level 11 quest.
Doc Galaktik's Invigorating Tonic before Quest 9-11 (10 avg) 90 Meat 9  
soda water 3-5 (4 avg) 70 Meat 17.5  

Some normally available restorers are not accessible during an Avatar of Boris run:

Unavailable Notes
Knob Goblin seltzer Boris has no access to Dispensary.
tonic water Boris has no access to Nash Crosby's Still
Regular Cloaca Cola
Diet Cloaca Cola
Cherry Cloaca Cola
Boris has no access to The White Citadel.
magical mystery juice Boris has no access to Gouda's Grimoire and Grocery.

HP Restorers

For meat:

Source HP Gain Cost Meat per HP Notes
Laugh it Off fueled by Doc Galaktik's Invigorating Tonic after Quest 1.5 per MP 6 Meat per MP 4 This price requires doing a Quest
Doc Galaktik's Homeopathic Elixir after quest 18-20 80 Meat 4.21 This price requires doing a Quest
Doc Galaktik's Pungent Unguent after quest 3-5 20 Meat 5 This price requires doing a Quest
Laugh it Off fueled by black cherry soda 1.5 per MP 8 Meat per MP 5.333 Requires access to The Black Market, opens during the level 11 quest.
Laugh it Off fueled by Doc Galaktik's Invigorating Tonic before Quest 1.5 per MP 9 Meat per MP 6  
Doc Galaktik's Homeopathic Elixir before quest 18-20 120 Meat 6.3  
Doc Galaktik's Pungent Unguent before quest 3-5 30 Meat 7.5  

Some normally available restorers are not accessible during an Avatar of Boris run:

Source Notes
Medicinal Herb's medicinal herbs Boris has no access to The Smacketeria


  • Band aids received from a pen pal can greatly increase your survivability by providing HP and leveled damage reduction.
  • Big Lungs can greatly reduce your healing bills.
  • Double-ice cap is a fantastic hat for Boris in general if you have access to an April Shower.
  • The Lost Glasses provide a 15% reduction in enemy defense, allowing you to hit monsters with more ease. They can be obtained with a lost key that is sometimes found in your clan's Swimming Pool.


Avatar of Boris was released before the level 8+ quest revamps, so this section is being backfilled.

  • The King of Cobb's Knob Quest
  • Mt. McLargeHuge Quest
    • Clover for ore. If you get a zap wand early enough, just use one clover, and then try to zap the undesired ores to the desired ores. On the last day of the run, if you still haven't got 3 desired ores, finish it off with more clovers.
    • If you're not clovering ore, Mountain men are the only alternative in Hardcore. Banish the dwarves if you can. Mountain men are quite the meatshields -- you will need a combat strategy which can dish out around 300 damage while surviving a few hits. Heroic Belch with a full stomach is an effective means of accomplishing this. You can fuel your belches with a Double-ice cap. Another good option is Broadside and two or three Cleaves, provided you have the MP supply.
  • Orc Chasm Quest
    • In softcore, pull smut orc keepsake boxes. In Hardcore, clover for extra bridge parts in The Smut Orc Logging Camp. Try to judge how many clovers you'll need for the lair and other quests, and use every remaining clover here.
    • Legendary Girth gives 2 points of elemental resistance; you can use a can of black paint for the other 2 points when examining the body in Twin Peak (postponing this part of the quest until level 11) if you don't happen to find any other stench resistance items by then.
    • Hungry Eyes (+100% food drops) is a free pass for searching the pantry in Twin Peak.
  • Quest for the Holy MacGuffin
    • You can't equip the UV-resistant compass or an ornate dowsing rod, the Desert will take longer. Fortunately it's a good place to find food. Mmm, food.
    • For the Spookyraven Manor, you'll have to go on the scavenger hunt, since you can't equip the unstable fulminate.
    • Banishing is extremely powerful for speeding up all 4 parts of the Hidden City. Unfortunately, you can't equip the antique machete, so you have to spend turns clearing the vines.
  • Mysterious Island Quest
    • You cannot equip the Frat Boy Ensemble (weapon), so you will have to use the Filthy Hippy Disguise to acquire the desired war fatigues.
    • For speed purposes, it's preferable to do this quest as a Frat Orc. The main reason is because Clancy doesn't provide any +Meat modifiers, which means recovering the sisters' meat will most likely make you waste turns, unless you're in Softcore and can pull +Meat modifiers. On the down side, you can't rely on Heroic Belch to fight Hippies, and getting enough +combat for Sonofa Beach can be difficult early on without sacrificing skills you'll need against the Naughty Sorceress (Song of Battle gives +20%, but it's the 9th skill on the Shouting skill tree, which should not be your first priority skill tree).
Ascension Strategy
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