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Your own personal robot assistant. The autumn-aton will serve you autonomously, allowing you more to time enjoy the peak foliage.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
May not be moved out of inventory

(In-game plural: autumn-atons)
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Item number: 10954
Description ID: 174185886
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Obtained From

boxed autumn-aton

When Used

Takes you to Direct Autumn-Aton


  • The Autumn-aton appears in the Quest section of your Inventory.
  • Can be sent to various locations in order to gather item drops as well as a few unique items. The amount of items and unique items gathered per expedition depends on the Autumn-aton's upgrades.
    • By default the Autumn-aton can only gather three item drops and one autumn item, this can be increased up to five item drops and two autumn items with upgrades.
    • If you own the Cookbookbat familiar, the Autumn-aton will also bring a random legendary ingredient every time.
    • With the exception of the initial three zones (Noob Cave, The Haunted Pantry, The Sleazy Back Alley), the Autumn-aton can only be sent to currently available zones in which you have had a combat or a turn-taking non-combat. You must have access to that area to be able to send your Autumn-aton there (i.e. you must be wearing the continuum transfunctioner to send the Autumn-aton to 8-Bit Realm, after which you can unequip it).
    • If you send the autumn-aton to a Shadow Rift, it will adventure in the last one you spent a turn in. You can change the zone at any time, even while overdrunk.
  • The first time your Autumn-aton is sent to a type of zone (Outdoor, Indoor, Underground, and Low, Medium, High), it acquires one of nine upgrades. Upgrades persist across rollover and are only reset by ascension.
  • Adventuring in the same location that the Autumn-aton is in will grant +1 substat to either Mysticality, Muscle or Moxie.
  • The Autumn-aton will also grant roughly ten Muscle, Mysticality and Moxie substats per adventure spent gathering items. The default amount of adventures spent is 0, increasing by 11 with every excursion and resetting at Rollover.
    • Upgrades can reduce the amount of adventures needed by 22, but the amount of adventures total cannot go lower than eleven per excursion.
    • Thus, without any upgrades the first two excursions will take 11 turns, then 22, 33 and so on.
  • The exact mechanics are as follows:
    1. All pickpocketable items in a zone are put into a list.
    2. The following procedure is performed 10 times:
      1. Shuffle the list randomly.
      2. For each item in the list:
        1. If this is one of the first 2 walks of the list, or the drop rate is less than (15% - (5% * acuity upgrades)), roll to get the drop at its rate
        2. If you got the drop, and the total drops are at the limit of possible drops, stop here. Otherwise continue iterating through the list.
  • Is automatically placed in your inventory for you at the beginning of your run, with the message:
    You[sic] autumn-aton waddles up behind you, ready to serve.
    Autumnaton.gifYou acquire an item: autumn-aton

Autumn-aton upgrades

Zone type Autumn drop Upgrade Example Locations
Low outdoor Leafflavor.gif autumn leaf
Potion, 20-duration +5% Combat Frequency, +25% item drops
Base blackhat.png
Energy-absorptive hat: +2 to statgain scaling
Spooky Forest, Sleazy Back Alley
Mid outdoor Damshield.gif autumn debris shield
Shield, +19 DR, +30% Initiative, +20 Hot damage, +20 Hot spell damage
High performance right arm: +1 item from the zone
Old Landfill, Overgrown Lot, Goatlet, Smut Orcs, A-boo/Twin/Oil Peaks, non-City 8-Bit zones, Whitey's Grove, Shadow Rift
High outdoor Maplependant.gif autumn leaf pendant
Accessory, +5 familiar weight, +10 familiar damage, +1 familiar xp
Vision extender: +1 acuity (easier to find items with low drop rate)
Sonofa Beach, Hole in the Sky, Airship, Oasis, War duck zones
Low indoor Beerbottle.gif AutumnFest ale
Size 1 booze, 4-6 advs
Enhanced left arm: +1 item from the zone
Haunted Pantry, Hidden Temple
Mid indoor Powderdonut.gif autumn-spice donut
Size 1 food, 4-6 advs, 30-duration +100% food drop buff
Upgraded right leg: -11 expedition length
Haunted Kitchen/Library, A Barroom Brawl, Skeleton Store, NEP, Megalo-City
High indoor Cueball.gif autumn breeze
Size 1 spleen, 50-duration +100% Mus/Mys/Mox
Radar dish: +1 acuity (easier to find items with low drop rate)
Red Zeppelin, Castle (Top Floor)
Low underground Redsweater.gif autumn sweater-weather sweater
Shirt, +3 Cold resist, +50 max HP, +8-12 HP/MP regen
Upgraded left leg: -11 expedition length
Noob Cave, Bat Hole locations, Cobb's Knob locations (pre-lab), Haiku Dungeon
Mid underground Goldcoin.gif autumn dollar
Potion, 30-duration +50% Meat
Collection prow: +1 random autumn item
Daily Dungeon, pre/post Dungeons of Doom, Itznotyerzitz Mine, Cyrpt zones
High underground Xicrystal.gif autumn years wisdom
Potion, 30-duration +20% Spell damage, +100 max MP, 15-20 MP regen
Dual exhaust: +2 to statgain scaling
Castle (Basement), Spookyraven Manor Cellar zones, Pyramid zones
  • Each equippable item only drops once per day and disappears at rollover. If you already have acquired an equippable item from an area you will get a random non-equippable item instead.
  • To get mafia to output a list via the CLI, enter (for example):
ash foreach loc in $locations[] { if (loc.environment=="indoor") { if (loc.difficulty_level=="low") {print(loc); } } }
  • This relay script can be used in KoL Mafia when sending the Autumn-aton to sort the list of send locations by the upgrade part obtained from that type of location, and also shows whether or not you've gotten each upgrade or not in your current ascension.


  • After combat, while on a quest:
Before you move on, you see your autumn-aton finding things and repeating its programming, "WHILE TRUE; EXPERIENCE; ENDWHILE".
Out of the corner of your eye, you see your autumn-aton scavenging for things and repeating its programming, "LEARN".
Over a hill, you see your autumn-aton finding things and repeating its programming, "IF (TIMELEFT)".
You catch sight of your autumn-aton wandering around according to its algorithm, thriving and finding things.
You catch sight of your autumn-aton wandering around all by itself, adventuring and finding items.
You catch sight of your autumn-aton wandering around purposefully, hunting and scrounging up items.
  • After combat, noting turns left:
It should return from <location> after X more adventures.
Looks like it'll be back from <location> in X adventures.
Only X more adventures before it returns from <location>.
  • After combat, adventuring in same location as autumn-aton:
The actions of your nearby autumn-aton teach your a thing or two.
You spot you autumn-aton doing something clever and take notes.
Your proximity to your autumn-aton gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling.
  • After combat, returning:
Having completed its mission, your atumn-aton walks up and presents a summary of its learnings and the goodies it found.
  • After combat, finding an upgrade:
Your autumn-aton also found an <upgrade> to upgrade itself.
Also, it must have gotten some tips from your cookbookbat!
Bbat yeast.gifYou acquire an item: Yeast of Boris
Bbat vegetable.gifYou acquire an item: Vegetable of Jarlsberg
Bbat whey.gifYou acquire an item: St. Sneaky Pete's Whey


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