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Autoselling is the process of trading in items for Meat at the item's disclosed selling price.

Autosell messages take the form:

You sell your <list of items> to a(n) <buyer> for <autosell value of items> Meat.

Attempting to autosell items during a Way of the Surprising Fist run results in a message of the form:

You don't want to break your vow of poverty, so you donate your <list of items> to charity.


The buyer is any one of the following:

  • anthropomorphic chicken breast
  • argonaut
  • Bugbear breeder
  • bicycling acolyte
  • Canadian telemarketer
  • caterwauling samurai
  • corrupt policeman
  • crushed dwarf with a pair of pliers
  • cycling minstrel
  • demon-eating kitten
  • drunken hemi-dwarf
  • Dutch Elm Disease-riddled Ent
  • flock of geese
  • fool on a hill
  • halfling knob polisher
  • hermetic seal
  • hotel detective
  • intelligent shade of blue
  • kitten-eating demon
  • lecherous orangutan
  • long-haul trucker on speed
  • mechanic named Mike
  • miniscule suffragette
  • monkey organ grinder
  • mustachioed popcorn vendor
  • Orcish Frat Boy
  • organ grinder
  • organ grinder's monkey
  • puddle of primordial ooze
  • stranger with candy
  • wandering hippy

Autosell Prices

Items by Autosell Price
1 - 25 | 26 - 50 | 51 - 75 | 76 - 100 | 101 - 150 | 151 - 50000

Items that exist to be autosold

If you're looking for things to pull and autosell in an ascension, see Items by autosell price (151-50000 Meat).

There are a number of items in game which have no purpose (and have never had any other purpose) but to be autosold. These cannot be equipped, fed to a familiar, cooked, crafted, given to someone else to craft, used in a quest, used as an alternative currency, or anything else.

3 Meat
37 Meat
decomposed boot
100 Meat
leather bookmark
meat st‰¿bing club
150 Meat
half of a gold tooth
silver salt-shaker
200 Meat
empty Cloaca-Cola bottle
250 Meat
huge gold coin
300 Meat
pile of gold coins
500 Meat
dollar-sign bag
1000 Meat
commemorative war stein (to turn Battlefield loot into Meat)
fancy seashell necklace (to turn Battlefield loot into Meat)
handful of confetti (has a trophy use, but is not consumed when used)
massive gemstone
4000 Meat
Argarggagarg's fang
broken carburetor
Heimandatz's heart
Jocko Homo's head
Safari Jack's moustache
The Mariachi's guitar case
Yakisoba's hat
5000 Meat
really dense meat stack
solid gold bowling ball
10000 Meat
1952 Mickey Mantle card
21337 Meat
Gilded BRICKO chalice


  • The fat stacks of cash originally existed only to be autosold (for 150 Meat each), but was changed to be a combat item in late 2008.