Attention -- A Tent!

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Attention -- A Tent!
Attention -- A Tent!

In the middle of the Hobopolis Town Square, you find a fairly large tent made of worn, patched-up canvas. There's a big opening in the front, and a smaller one in the back labeled "PERFORMERS ONLY".

Are you feeling in-tents?

Slip in the back, Jack

As you try to enter the tent through the back, you're stopped by a thin hobo in a lavender suit.

"Hey, you can't come in here," he says."Why not?" you say, "Who are you to tell me I can't go into this tent?"

"I'm the stage manager in charge of this performance," he says, "and as the stage manager in charge of this performance, I can tell you for damned certain that you're not going on stage without a <class instrument>."

You stomp off in a huff, with the wind out of your sails.

You head in the back of the tent and take the stage with butterflies in your stomach, each of which hopes you'll break a leg.

Here You Are, Up On Stage
Here You Are, Up On Stage
  • Keep Performing
  • Leave the stage
  • With musical instrument, but with another clanmate of same class already on stage:

You head in the back of the tent, but stop short as you see your clanmate <name> already up on stage. Looks like they've got that part of the performance already under control.

Head in the front, uh... Joe

You make your way into the tent through the big front flap. It takes a little while for your eyes to adjust to the darkness and the dust.

Working the Crowd
Working the Crowd
  • Survey the situation: Displays crowd size
  • Try to start a mosh pit: Kill hobos in the crowd
  • Busk like you've never busked before: Collect hobo nickels from the crowd
  • Duck out: Ends adventure.

Just leave, Steve
You're feeling too tense to mess around in a tent right now. You beat feet.

Leaves without using a turn.

Occurs at Hobopolis.


  • The first choice allows players equipped with their class instrument to perform. Multiple players — one of each class — can perform together. The performance draws in hobos, which can then be busked for nickels or moshed to death by another clan member Working the Crowd. Larger bands attract larger audiences.