Astral pilsner

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astral pilsner
astral pilsner

A pale bottle filled with paler beer, this is almost the perfect beverage. It could only be better if it wasn't a pilsner.

Type: booze (???)
Potency: 1
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: astral pilsners)
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Item number: 5044
Description ID: 762120339
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Obtained From

astral six-pack (6)

When Consumed

Ast beer.gif
You drink the pilsner. Even though it's literally the best possible pilsner, it still tastes kinda skunky.
AdventuresYou gain X Adventures.
You gain 0-2X Strongness.
You gain 0-2X Magicalness.
You gain 0-2X Smarm.
You gain 1 Drunkenness.


  • Both adventure yield and stat gains scale with the level at which this is consumed. X is equal to your level with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 11.
  • Despite the item description, this does not count as a beer (for purposes of Salty Mouth)