Astral Cupcakes

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For a similarly named item, see cupcake-in-a-cup.

Astral Cupcakes may be acquired during adventures taken while under the influence of the Half-Astral effect. When used, each cupcake gives 20 adventures of their specific effect.

There are 5 types of Astral Cupcakes:

blue-frosted astral cupcake blue-frosted astral cupcake Cupcake of Choice +30% Items from Monsters
green-frosted astral cupcake green-frosted astral cupcake The Cupcake of Wrath +10 Monster Level
orange-frosted astral cupcake orange-frosted astral cupcake Shiny Happy Cupcake +3 Stats per Fight
pink-frosted astral cupcake pink-frosted astral cupcake Your Cupcake Senses Are Tingling +30% Meat from Monsters
purple-frosted astral cupcake purple-frosted astral cupcake Tiny Bubbles in the Cupcake Recover 20 HP/MP per fight


  • For reasons yet undetermined, these items (and their effects) bear more than a passing resemblance to summoned snowcones.
  • You can only have one of these effects at a time.