Assault and Baguettery

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Assault and Baguettery

You examine the baguette and imagine various ways in which you could use it to solve problems. The solvable problems you identify are as follows:

1) You need a magic wand.
2) You need some magic shoes.
3) You need a magic... basket? That's a thing, right?

Make the wand

You compress the baguette.

Breadwand.gifYou acquire an item: breadwand
Make the shoes

You break the baguette in half and hollow out spaces for your feet in each of the halves.

Loafers.gifYou acquire an item: loafers
Make the basket

You fashion the baguette into a fashionable basket, because there is totally such a thing as a fashionable basket.

Breadbasket.gifYou acquire an item: bread basket
Make the decision to make nothing

You elect to refrain from baguettecraft.

Occurs when manipulating a magical baguette. Does not take an adventure.