Asdon Martin keyfob

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Asdon Martin keyfob
Asdon Martin keyfob

This keyfob has all the normal functions of an electronic car keyfob -- unlock the doors, open the trunk, start the ignition, and so on. It also has some unique buttons though, like "CONVERT WORKSHED" and "SELF-DESTRUCT".

Probably you shouldn't carry it in the same pocket as your loose change.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: Asdon Martin keyfobs)
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Item number: 9508
Description ID: 391247220
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Obtained From

LI-11 Motor Pool voucher

When Used

You push the "convert workshed" button on your keyfob, and your previous workshed appliances uninstall with a FWISH BZZZIPPP! noise. Then SWIZZZZZ KA-CHANK, several panels in the workshed walls flip around to reveal concealed computer screens. A device that looks a bit like a gas pump pops out of the corner with a SWISH-CHONK-KLANK, and finally there's a long VOOOOOOONNN combined with a chonketa chonketa chonketa as the floor slides away and an elevator platform lifts your new Asdon Martin into the shed.

...How did the agency install all this without you noticing?



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