Asdon Martin: Spring-Loaded Front Bumper

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Asdon Martin: Spring-Loaded Front Bumper

Asdon Martin: Spring-Loaded Front Bumper

Type: Combat
Cost: 50 Fuel
usable once per fight

With just a push of a button, the front bumper of your Asdon Martin will SPROINGOINGOING into your foe with truly improbable force, launching them into the stratosphere. Or at least far enough away that you won't see them again for a while.

Banish an enemy for a while

Source: Asdon Martin
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Banishes the monster for 30 turns.
When Used:
You pull the release with a KCHAK and your front bumper SPROINGOINGOING's directly into your foe with a meaty SHPLAZAK! They manage to utter a brief "glurk!" before flying out of sight.

Your bumper is still cranking back into its loaded position, with a little pocketapocketapocketa sound. It'll be a little while before it's ready again.

When used against a boss or other special monster:

When you go to pull the release lever for the Asdon Martin's spring-loaded front bumper, you find that it's locked. A dashboard light is flashing "INELIGIBLE TARGET" at you. Phooey!


  • Banishes opponent for 30 turns.
  • Has a 30 turn cooldown.
  • Does not take an adventure.