Arrrmetia trading card

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Arrrmetia trading card
Arrrmetia trading card

This is a trading card depicting KWE star Arrrmetia. It's printed with a variety of useful information, for varying definitions of 'useful'. And 'information'.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

(In-game plural: Arrrmetia trading cards)
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Item number: 2012
Description ID: 503238129
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Obtained From

pack of KWE trading card (0-1)

When Used

You look at the Arrrmetia trading card. The front has a picture on it.

(Artwork by Cynn)

The back has some statistics printed on it.

Name: Arrrmetia
Special Moves: Soul Edginess and Arrrmor Up
Wins: #
Losses: #
Quote: "You're in pain... it's painful, isn't it, ye scurvy swab?"

Fun Facts:
Arrrmetia actually has two good eyes! No one is sure why she wears that eyepatch!

Arrrmetia and Poison Oak both seek the Soul Swizzle Stick! Let's hope that, at some point, they have to fight each other for it!

The sword that Arrrmetia carries cannot be used to cut anything, not even a rope! It makes arcs of red and blue light, which somehow damages her opponents without wounding them!

Your friends at KWE remind you that winners always share their toys with others!

card 13/16



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