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Hair Color:Pollen
Eye Color:Baby Blue
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Arrmetia was born to a race of gods and goddesses in a far-off land and was raised by the fierce warrior women of her tribe. They taught her to use an ordinary sword as a non-lethal weapon - instead of wounds, her sword cuts arcs of red and blue light through the air. Despite her impressive fighting ability and innate cuteness, when she reached adolescence she was shipped off to apprentice with a band of pirates, as was her tribe's custom.

From the pirates Arrmetia learned the fine arts of deck swabbing, yarrdarrm hoisting, eyepatch-wearing, and swearing. Her lofty ideals got a little muddled with the pirate's own code of ethics. She's just as likely to save your booty as loot it, odd as that may sound. And slightly naughty as that might sound.

Arrmetia, like Poison Oak, seeks the Soul Swizzle Stick. However, she seeks it not for personal glory, but to restore it to its rightful home. Or, on off-days, to sell it for as much meat as she can get. The girl's got issues.

Outside of the ring, Arrmetia is demure and keeps to herself, save for when she has too much grog and tries to go wenching.


Fight Messages

  • Entrance:
...weighing in at 42,000 scruples, it's the lovely swashbuckling lass ARRRMETIA! Don't let that lass cut you with her cutlass!
  • The crowd cheers as Arrrmetia prepares to use her special attack, "Arrrmor Up!"
  • In the blink of an eyepatch-covered eye, Arrrmetia switches from her skimpy toga/cheerleader outfit into full pink body armor! She stomps all over poor clueless <opponent>! ZLOTT!
  • In the blink of an eyepatch-covered eye, Arrrmetia changes into full pink body armor! But then she blinks back into her other outfit. She switches back and forth a few times while <opponent> looks on, whistling.
  • The crowd cheers as Arrrmetia prepares to use her special attack, "Soul Edginess!"
  • Arrrmetia swings her sword on an arc right through <opponent>'s neck! Oddly enough, though, instead of decapitating him/her, the sword just makes a red vapor trail that makes <opponent> stagger a little. ZLOTT!
  • Arrrmetia swings her sword back and forth, making flashy red vapor trails. <opponent> is mesmerized briefly, but quickly recovers.
  • Arrrmetia buckles every one of <opponent>'s swashes! ZLOTT! ZLOTT!
  • Quote:
...shouts, "It be time to loot your booty for the honor of the elders of my tribe, ye swab!"

Gift Responses

  • Weapon:
This surely be a weapon to rival even the great soul swizzle stick! If I ever should find that lovely bauble, I'm sure to use its powers for good! Or ta make sure other pirates swing from the yarrdarrm.
  • Armor:
Yarrr, it be not sportin' to wear arrrmor in a fight! Ye must give the other swab the chance to stab ye sure as you stab him! But a warrior knows armor is good!
  • Feast:
Yarrr, this food be food fit for a warrior queen! But it's not fit for the filthiest pirate wench to ever sail the eleven seas! But it's good for a warrior! Pirate! Warrior! Arrrr!
  • Food:
Yarrr, this be the kind of food I am accustomed to eating with the elders of my tribe and while I'm sailin' the boundin' main! Thanks, ye landlubber.
  • Cocktail:
Yarr, this surely be the foinest drink I've ever laid me eyes on. It will surely honor my ancestors and bring glory to my tribe if I drink one. I will consume it and then loot yer booty, ye scurvy swab!
  • Cordial:
Yes, the very pinnacle of perfection in alcoholic beverage! It sure be a tasty thing to throw down me gullet, ye scurvy swab. I shall drink it and remember the plight of my people and the glory of my ancestors. Then I'll go out wenchin' all night and the mornin' will find me in the stocks!
  • Booze:
Ah, the most excellent and honorable bottle of grog, ta warsh the salt water from me lips. You do me honor by sending me this gift, ye scurvy swab. I shall endeavor to win this fight, to honor my tribe and ta make off with some booty. Yarrrr.
  • Beer:
Yarrr, a foamy brew to wash me parched throat. I shall drink it for the glory of my people and the honor of your gift. Thank you very much, ye filthy bilge rat.
  • Spleen:
You honor me with this stat booster, ye scurvy swab. I will do my best to win this battle, for the glory of my ancestors and the booty which I will loot from me fallen foe, savvy? I must win for the children's sake, ye land lubber.
  • Misc:
I be not sure what this is for, but rest assured I shall use it to avenge the injustices of the world! And ta loot the booty of the unwary, yarrr.


  • Arrrmetia is a parody of both Cervantes De Leon and Sophitia Alexandra from the fighting game Soul Calibur and its sequels. The "Soul Swizzle Stick" is a reference to the titular dark magical weapon, the Soul Edge.
    • Similarly, characters in Soul Calibur and the related games all use weapons that leave behind trails of colored light, but do not draw blood from the person they strike.
    • Her ability "Soul Edginess" is also a direct reference to the first game of the series to feature Cervantes and Sophitia, Soul Edge.
  • Might also have reference to the pirate fighters Bonne Jenet from The King of Fighters series and May from Guilty Gear
  • The island origin story is similar to that of Wonder Woman.
  • Arrrmetia's weight of 42,000 scruples is equal to 120 pounds.
  • The "Randomly switching into armor" attack may be a reference to Time Crisis 3, wherein one of the main characters rips off a pair of short-shorts and a bikini top to reveal full combat gear.

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