Arrrbor Day

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Today is Arrrbor Day!

Head down to the Distant Woods, and help the pirates plant some trees!

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Arrrbor Day is a relatively new holiday in the Kingdom, and is based less on ridiculous old traditions and more on caring for our mother Earth. It began in the pirate community, and due to their persuasive leaflet campaign (and the use of moderate amounts of force) it caught on in the rest of the Kingdom. It's customary to spend the day thinking good thoughts about the earth and the environment, and to go to the pirates' Arrrboretum and plant a sapling or two. And it's customary for the pirates to go to the Arrrboretum and cut down last year's saplings to make more ships. For the environment.



Saplings Reward 2-99 Reward 100
bag of Crotchety Pine saplings handful of Crotchety Pine needles
100 turns of Crotchety, Pining
Muscle +100%
crotchety pants
Maximum HP +40
Put Down Roots (15 MP)
Stun 2 rounds
bag of Saccharine Maple saplings lump of Saccharine Maple sap
100 turns of Artificially Sweet
Moxie +100%
Saccharine Maple pendant
Maximum HP/MP +20
Spray Sap (15 MP)
Delevel att/def by 15% of attack
bag of Laughing Willow saplings handful of Laughing Willow bark
100 turns of Barking Mad
Mysticality +100%
willowy bonnet
Maximum MP +40
Rouse Sapling (15 MP)
15+30+45+60 damage over 4 rounds


  • Official Holiday Description
  • Saplings are planted by adventuring in The Arrrboretum with whatever bag of saplings you chose.
  • If 100 or more saplings are planted, you are rewarded with a piece of the Arrrbor Day Apparrrrrel outfit; if between 2 and 99 (inclusive) saplings are planted, the reward is a handful of Crotchety Pine needles, a handful of Laughing Willow bark, or a lump of Saccharine Maple sap. You get one reward per holiday, and you collect your reward next Arrrbor Day.
  • You can still claim your reward if you skipped the next Arrbor Day; it will be granted the first time you visit the Arrrboretum after that.
  • If you ascend with a bag of saplings, it will be removed from your inventory like any other Quest Item, and the sappy pirate will not give you another bag that Arrrbor Day.