Arr, M80

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Arr, M80
Arr, M80

This is a small red cardboard tube with a fuse sticking out and a Jolly Roger stamped on the side.

Type: combat item
Cannot be traded or discarded

Deals 10-90 Hot Damage
Summons Pirate Ghosts

(In-game plural: Arr, M80s)
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Item number: 10769
Description ID: 555632254
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Obtained From

Underground Fireworks Shop (100 meat)

When Used

You light the fuse and toss the Arr, M80. It explodes and a bunch of flaming ghost pirates emerge and singe your opponent for 10-90 damage!

Also, at the end of a successful fight, you will see:

Looks like those flaming ghost pirates left something behind.

You then acquire one of the following piratey items for each time you used an Arr, M80 in the fight (repetitions possible):


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