Army of Toddlers

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What is the damage range for this skill?

Army of Toddlers

Army of Toddlers

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 50
usable once per day

If you're going to maintain a stable of violent children, you might as well use them once in a while.

Unleash the toddlers from your Boxing Daycare to damage your foe and increase your stat gains after combat.

Source: My First Art of War
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
When Used:
in combat:

You cry havoc, and let slip the children of war. A wave of toddlers sweeps in from town and stampedes your opponent, dealing X damage.

A second wave follows, dealing an additional X damage.

A third group arrives, pummeling your foe for another X damage.

after combat:

Your army of toddlers cheers you on as they head back to town.


  • Stat gain is approximately equal to the square root of the number of toddlers.
  • You receive the second wave while you have 1,000+ toddlers, and you receive the third group when you have 1,000,000+.


  • Children were dogs originally.