Arboreal Respite

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Arboreal Respite
Arboreal Respite

You manage to get quite a ways into the forest without running into any of those spooky monsters. With a sigh of relief, you pause to catch your breath and look around, trying to figure out what to do with this newfound freedom.

Your interest is piqued when you notice an old, overgrown road leading off into the woods. Your soul is soothed when you hear the bubbling of a stream from somewhere nearby. And your sense of foreboding begins to tingle as you notice a dark thicket of trees on a nearby hillside. It's not the darkest hillside thicket you've ever seen, but it's definitely one of the darker.

Which way will you go?

Maybe you ought to look for that mosquito larva the Council wants. You think back to everything you know about mosquitoes.

a) They're annoying.
b) They spread disease.
c) They lay eggs in water.

Follow the old road
The Road Less Traveled
The Road Less Traveled

Explore the stream
Consciousness of a Stream
Consciousness of a Stream

Brave the dark thicket
Through Thicket and Thinnet
Through Thicket and Thinnet


  • This adventure has a cap of 7-8 adventures between occurrences.
    • The cap works by having two copies of the adventure. One is a normal non-combat, and one is a superlikely set to occur at most 7 or 8 turns after the previous occurrence of this adventure (either the superlikely or the non-combat).
    • The first instance of this adventure has a floor of 5. This means that you will not see either the regular non-combat nor the superlikely on your first 5 turns in the zone.
    • Because the counters that floors use are 0-indexed, the first occurrence is capped at 8-9 instead.
  • Was added on August 24, 2010 to collapse all non-combats into a single explorable choice adventure.
  • See Spooky forest table to get a tree-type view of this adventure.