April Fools' Ultra Rares

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On April Fools' Day, 2006, all ultra rare adventures became one time, and easily found for all players. However, upon defeating the monster instead of receiving the normal ultra rare item, the player received an error message. Lastly, a new adventure monster entitled Count Bakula was revealed, which resembled the Baiowulf and dropped a new ultra-rare item, the Talisman of Bakula, which resembled the Talisman of Baio but with fangs. This all happened before The Master Of Thieves, The Temporal Bandit, Pooltergeist, Knott Slanding, or The Nuge existed.

Also, one did not receive a consolation ribbon when one was beaten up by an Ultra-Rare monster, mainly because consolation ribbons had yet to be implemented to drop from them.

Each fake ultrarare monster has a different Monster ID to differentiate them from the real ones:

  • 343 - Baiowulf
  • 344 - infinite meat bug
  • 345 - Hypnotist of Hey Deze
  • 346 - crazy bastard
  • 347 - hocket elemenetal
  • 349 - Count Bakula


Baiowulf April Fools.gif

Infinite meat bug

Infinite Meat Bug April Fools.gif

Hypnotist of Hey Deze

Hypnotist April Fools.gif

Crazy bastard

Crazy Bastard April Fools.gif

Hockey elemental

Hockey Elemental April Fools.GIF

Count Bakula

Count Bakula April Fools.gif