Antique shield

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antique shield
antique shield

This is a shield made of really old metal. Not, like, Judas Priest, but, like, Baroque iron. It'll protect you against any physical threat, antique or modern.

Type: off-hand item (shield)
Damage Reduction: 11
Muscle Required: 60
Outfit: Antique Arms And Armor
  (4 items)

Selling Price: 110 Meat.

Combat Initiative -10%

(In-game plural: antique shields)
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Item number: 1932
Description ID: 402260767
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Obtained From

The Haunted Gallery
empty suit of armor


  • Occasionally breaks when reducing damage taken from enemy attacks, with the message:
Your antique shield, weakened by the force of your opponent's blow, shatters into approximately 38-42 pieces. The nerve of that centuries-old piece of armor!
  • Upon a successful hit by your opponent, this will break 2.5±2.4% of the time.
  • Pulverizes into useless powder.


  • This item had a requirement of 85 Muscle, autosell value of 160 Meat, and gave 15 Damage Reduction prior to the Spookyraven Manor revamp on May 15th, 2014.


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