Antique database server

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Antique database server
Monster ID 1099
Locations A Pile of Old Servers
Hit Points 300
Attack 0
Defense 0
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum construct
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts chassis, drive, power supply
corrupted data, squirming egg sac
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
antique database server You're fighting an antique database server

You approach the pile of servers and come face to face with this massive hulk of a machine. Its lights blink erratically, it's making funny noises, and the air around it is filled with an almost unbearable heat.

You'd feel sorry for it, if it wasn't also crawling with spiders.

Miss Message(s):

It moves toward you as if to attack, but freezes in place. You hear a loud grinding noise as its many hard drives do... something.

It starts to move toward you, but there's a loud popping noise followed by a wisp of smoke as something goes terribly wrong inside its power supply.

It lunges toward you, but gets tangled up in the rat's nest of cables attached to the back of it. Some of them come unplugged. That's probably okay, though.

It starts to attack you, but the internal request times out after 60 seconds. Somewhere in the distance, somebody's pager goes off.

You're afraid it's going to attack you, but all that happens is that the tray of its optical drive slides out and then back in. A spider must've walked over the button. Twice.

It moves as though to attack you, but the only thing that happens is that several of the lights on the front of it turn from green to orange.

It lunges toward you, but unplugs itself in the process. It takes the spiders a couple of minutes to get it plugged back in.

After Combat

Corrdata.gifYou acquire an item: corrupted data (10% chance)*
Eggsac.gifYou acquire an item: squirming egg sac (5% chance)*
You gain 30 <substat>.

Occurs at A Pile of Old Servers


  • The monster cannot attack or do damage. In fact, even if you use something like The Big Book of Pirate Insults, the monster will still only display miss messages.
  • Although it has an ML of 0, ML+ modifiers still work and will increase the stats gained from this monster.