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ant hoe
ant hoe

Note the spelling, please -- this is not an ant who trades meat for sexual favors. It certainly isn't in different area codes. No, it's a tiny piece of gardening equipment that ants use in their farms. Okay, I admit, it does look a little sleazy, now that you mention it.

Type: familiar equipment
Familiar: any
Selling Price: 75 Meat.

Your familiar will sow pain and reap Meat.

(In-game plural: ant hoes)
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Item number: 2570
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Obtained From

The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert
swarm of fire ants


Attack Messages

  • <name> whacks your enemy with the sleazy hoe for 10-12 damage.

After Combat

  • <name> hoes some more meat out of your opponent's wallet.


  • Deals Sleaze Damage and adds +10-15 to Meat drops at the end of combat.
  • If the monster does not drop Meat, you will not get the extra Meat gain.
  • Combat familiars can do their normal attacks and a hoe attack in the same round of combat.
  • Does not otherwise remove your familiars' normal abilities.
  • Familiar will make a hoe attack approximately 40% of the time.


  • "Ho" is a slang abbreviation for "whore," or "prostitute."
  • In the song "Area Codes," Ludacris raps that he has many hos in different area codes.

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