Another Tired Retread

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Another Tired Retread
Another Tired Retread

You peruse the tire options. Which set really expresses who you are as a person, and who she is as a motorcycle?

Racing Slicks
(Peel Out more times per day)
You swap out <BikeName>'s tires for some slick racing slicks. They look slick.

Spiky Tires
(Wheelies deal more damage)
You swap out <BikeName>'s tires for some spiky tires. <BikeName> looks ready to pop some truly dangerous wheelies.

Snow Tires
(Effortlessly ascend snowy peaks)
You figure there's no tires like snow tires, so you swap out <BikeName>'s tires for snow tires. She looks ready to handle the frostiest of terrain now.

Upgrade Something Else

Occurs at Upping Your Grade.