Another Day, Another Fork

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Another Day, Another Fork
Another Day, Another Fork

You reach another fork in the maze. You stop for a second to wonder whether it would be possible to eat corn on the cob with a fork.

"We're more than halfway there, buddy!" says Frank, snapping you out of your corn reverie.

"Frank," you say, "this is agonizing. I get that following the left wall will eventually get us to the end of the maze, but it's so... boring!"

"Oh, I'm sorry," says Frank. "I'd hate to have waited in that crappy courtyard for you for FOUR THOUSAND FREAKIN' YEARS only to have you show up and get boooooored. Maybe instead of giving you advice on how to survive this MAZE FULL OF DEADLY FREAKIN' TRAPS I should put on a one-man show or somethin'. Whaddya in the mood for, maybe some Beckett? Stoppard? Eh? Eh?"

"All right, all right," you reply. "Settle down."

Frank says "Just hug the left wall, and we'll get through this."

Okay, okay, left wall it is.

You capitulate and continue along the left wall.

Nugglet.gifYou acquire an item: topiary nugglet

Frank says "Good choice there, Boss. Slow and steady wins the maze."

I won't be bullied. I'm going right.

Occurs at The Hedge Maze.