Anniversary pewter cape

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anniversary pewter cape
anniversary pewter cape

This is a cape made from everyone's favorite not-quite-a-precious-metal-but-great-for-making-game-miniatures: pewter. It's given as a gift to those few, those proud, those clinically insane who stay in the Kingdom of Loathing for TEN FULL YEARS. Pewter is the traditional gift for the tenth anniversary, because now that you've settled in for the long haul you've got to toughen up, and this reminds you to have less QQ and more pew-pew.

Congratulations! If x=amount of years you've played, and x is expressed in Roman numerals, you've played for X years!

Type: back item
Cannot be traded or discarded

All Attributes +1

(In-game plural: anniversary pewter capes)
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Obtained From

anniversary gift box (on a player's 10th anniversary)

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