Anniversary balsa wood socks

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anniversary balsa wood socks
anniversary balsa wood socks

This is a pair of socks made out of sticks of light, flexible balsa wood. They're given only to those intrepid adventurers who have played Kingdom of Loathing for eight years. Eight years! I mean, that's as many beers as there are in a six-pack! Balsa wood is the traditional gift for eighth anniversaries, because after eight years, you've put in all the work you're going to, and you're ready to settle down and do some arts and crafts. Happy Anniversary, and thanks for playing!

Type: accessory
Cannot be traded or discarded

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(In-game plural: pairs of anniversary balsa wood socks)
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Item number: 3839
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Obtained From

anniversary gift box (on a player's 8th anniversary)


  • The description saying that there's 8 beers in a six-pack is referring to a long-running standing joke from the Jick and Skullhead show, where VEGeteriAN thought the image of the ice-cold six-pack showed 8 beers.

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anniversary balsa wood socks
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