An Olith, Mon

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An Olith, Mon
An Olith, Mon

As you're traipsing through the Black Forest, you encounter something strange -- a big, featureless black block, about 1 foot thick, 4 feet wide, and 9 feet tall. You hear a pounding of kettle drums as you approach it, and as you gaze into it, you begin to see scintillating patterns.

The patterns begin to teach you things, and as time passes, you get smarter and smarter. Eventually you get smart enough that the sound of the drums starts to annoy you, and a few seconds later you get smart enough to go behind the monolith, beat up the guy playing the drums, and steal them.


You gain 50 Magicalness.
Kettledrum.gifYou acquire an item: black kettle drum

Occurs at The Black Forest.


  • This is a one-time per ascension adventure.