An Old Man

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Not to be confused with The Old Man (Halloween adventure).

Oldman sea.gif

An Old Man resides by the sea. He sends you on the quest An Old Guy and The Ocean.

  • At level 10 or lower:
You knock on the door of the seaside shack, but there's no answer. Maybe try back later.
  • First visit at level 11 or higher:
Hello there, young Adventurer. Back when I was your age, I used to be quite a fisherman. These days, well, what with my arthritis, and my gout, and this old war injury, well, I don't get out there so much anymore.
Say, is that a set of SCUBA gear you've got there? Maybe you can help me. I lost my favorite boot, you see. Dropped it right off the side of my boat. Time was I'd just fish until I dredged it back up, and boy, lemme tell you, was it a hoot! But not anymore. That dang marlin sapped the last of my strength.
Think you could go down there and get it for me? I'd be obliged, yessirree.
Oh, and hey, if you wanna take your little buddy with you, this'll help.
Bathysphere.gifYou acquire an item: little bitty bathysphere
If you need something to help you breathe underwater, I've got this old SCUBA tank I'd be willing to part with. Let's call it 10,000 Meat. On second thoughts, let's call it a SCUBA tank, and say it costs 10,000 Meat.
Buy the tank (10,000 Meat)
  • With sufficient meat:
Pleasure doin' business with you!
Meat.gifYou spent 10,000 Meat.
Scuba.gifYou acquire an item: old SCUBA tank
  • Without sufficient meat:
You can't afford it, buster!
You already bought that.
  • Subsequent visits:
Say, have you found my boot yet? I know it's down there somewhere.
Say, is that my boot you've got there? Yippee! Thanks, Adventurer! I knew you'd come through for me.
What can I give you in return, youngster? Surely there's something in this old pile of ju... treasure... that you could use.
Dasboot.gif das boot
Corncobpipe.gif fishy pipe
Crate.gif crate of fish meat
Wallet.gif damp old wallet
  • After trading for an item
The Old Man takes his boot and gives you your reward.
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
"Take care of yourself, Adventurer. If you need me, I'll just be sitting here, dreaming about lions."
  • Subsequent Visits after trading
The old man snores fitfully, muttering something about a lion. Dying. In the rain.
Use psychoanalytic jar on him

You open up the jar and look into the patient's eyes.

Analjar full.gifYou acquire an item: jar of psychoses (The Old Man)


That shack you saw on the main map was just a picture of an old shack drawn on the ground.