An Exotic Hanging Meat Orchid

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An Exotic Hanging Meat Orchid

An Exotic Hanging Meat Orchid may be purchased to hang on the nail in the wall in the Clan Rumpus Room for 300,000 Meat. It may be used once per day, when not in hardcore or ronin.

When "Used"

  • First use:
You gaze in wonder at the beauty of the exotic Meat orchid. Then you tear off one of the blossoms and stick it in your pocket.
Meat.gifYou gain 1,350 - 1,650 Meat.
  • Multiple uses or when in Hardcore or Ronin:
It looks like the Meat orchid has been pretty thoroughly picked over. Maybe some of the Meat blossoms will grow back by tomorrow.


  • Both "hanging meat" and "orchid" are likely references to male genitalia.