An Awesome Ball Pit

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An Awesome Ball Pit

An Awesome Ball Pit is located in the Clan Rumpus Room. Players may increase the number of balls in the ball pit by using colorful plastic balls.

When "Used"

  • Before jumping in:
There's a ball pit here with X balls in it.
If only one ball is in pit:
There's a ball pit here with... a single ball in it. Yay, I guess?
Jump In!
If you've already used it that day
(You've already played in the ball pit today.)
  • After jumping in:
You play in the ball pit. Wheeeeeee!
Plasticball.gifYou acquire an effect: Having a Ball!
(duration: 20 Adventures)
You can't bring yourself to jump in a ball pit when you've got so many other important things to do (like being in Ronin or Hardcore.)
  • Trying to jump in while on a Trendy path:
Pff. You're not using that old thing.


  • Upon release, the Awesome Ball Pit could be used in Ronin/Hardcore although it was not intended to. This was fixed soon after discovery.
  • X has a maximum of 10000 - it will not allow you to add on any further balls when the cap is reached.