Amphibious tophat

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amphibious tophat
amphibious tophat

This is a top hat designed to keep your Dancing Frog looking stylish underwater and on land. I'm sure your frog would prefer wings, so it won't bump its ass a-hoppin', but the top hat's a decent consolation prize.

Type: familiar equipment
Familiar: Dancing Frog
Selling Price: 75 Meat.

Lets your Frog Breathe Underwater

(In-game plural: amphibious tophats)
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Item number: 4229
Description ID: 814373703
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Obtained From

Zapping a miniature tophat
box of Familiar Jacks



  • Michigan J. Frog has a top-hat.
  • Several phrases that begin "If a frog had wings..." are common, often used to denote the uselessness of the word "if." The version that appears in the item description is from the Coen brothers film Raising Arizona.


Slash.gif miniature tophat | amphibious tophat


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