Among the Quaint and Curious Tomes

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Among the Quaint and Curious Tomes
Among the Quaint and Curious Tomes

The shelves in the library are filled to bursting with dusty old volumes. There's plenty of floor space, though -- why didn't they just buy more bookshelves?

Anyway, some of the books look pretty interesting.

Read "Bone-Dissolving Incantations: A Treatise"
You read the book about bone-dissolving spells, especially the chapters about dissolving bones that are downstairs from you. Nothing obvious happens, but you have to assume that it worked, otherwise you'll lose confidence in yourself.

(Fewer skeletons will appear in the castle now)

Read "Amazing Ancient Mystical Secrets"
You read the book. The secrets contained within are, as advertised, ancient, mystical and amazing.
You gain ?645? Enchantedness.

Read "Enchanted Jewelry, Then and Now"
You read through the book -- one piece of jewelry in particular catches your eye, and you study the instructions for it until you're pretty sure you could make one yourself.

You learn to craft a new item: Dv amberneck.gif moon-amber necklace

if you already know the recipe:

You've already learned everything from that book.

Read the exit sign and follow it

You don't have time for any reading right now. You head back to the tower.

Occurs at Tower Most Tall in Dreadsylvanian Castle.