Altared States

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Altared States
Altared States

You've braved the horrors of the evil cathedral, and now you're at the evil altar.

With FantasyRealm Mage's Hat:

The heads-up display in your wizard hat draws your attention to the font behind the altar -- it contains actual holy water!

Pray for wealth

You pray for an hour, after which a shower of Rubees™ pours on you from a hidden hatch in the ceiling. Hooray!

Your G. E. M. beeps, as though celebrating along with you.

Megagem.gifYou acquire 20-30 Rubees™

Pray for health

You pray for an hour, after which a syringe emerges from the altar and injects you with some kind of drug. Some... good kind of drug, based on how it makes you feel.

Your G. E. M. beeps cheerfully.

Syringe.gifYou acquire an effect: Fantastical Health
(duration: 100 Adventures)

Pray for refreshment

You pray for an hour, after which a panel opens on the side of the altar to reveal a bottle of cola. Yum!

Your G. E. M. beeps.

Crimbcola.gifYou acquire an item: sanctified cola

Take some holy water

After spending an hour debating whether 'font' is the correct word for it or not, you approach the font and grab some holy water. Your G. E. M. beeps.

Flask.gifYou acquire an item: flask of holy water

Leave for now

You decide to leave yourself at the altar.

Occurs at The Evil Cathedral.