Alpine watercolor set

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alpine watercolor set
alpine watercolor set

This little briefcase-sized kit contains an easel, a paintbrush, and a little palette of watercolor paints. Everything you need to be an famous artist!

Type: combat item
Cannot be traded or discarded

Make a painting of a monster to hang on your wall

(In-game plural: alpine watercolor sets)
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Item number: 8033
Description ID: 256906862
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Obtained From

Chateau Mantegna Gift Shop (5,000 Meat)

When Used

  • Against a monster that can be copied:
You set up the easel, carefully study your opponent, and whip up a pretty convincing likeness. A porter from Chateau Mantegna approaches you, takes the painting, and hurries back to your room to hang it up for you.
  • Against a boss that cannot be copied:
This monster is too scary to paint.
  • Against other monsters that cannot be copied:
This monster wouldn't look good as a watercolor painting.


  • Using this item during combat removes the item from your inventory, and places a painting of the monster in your room in Chateau Mantegna.
  • It also staggers your opponent.


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