Alpha-mail pants

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alpha-mail pants
alpha-mail pants

These are pants made out of plate-mail with all the letters of the alphabet written on them. Just the 26 letters, that is, not the ones with the lines through 'em or the little dots over them. Those aren't real letters.

Anyway, these should demonstrate to anyone that you're a person of letters, and the leader of the pack (vroom, vroom).

Type: pants
Power: 140
Moxie Required: 55
Selling Price: 140 Meat.

(In-game plural: alpha-mail pantses, preciousss)
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Item number: 1484
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Obtained From

The Armory and Leggery (1,050 meat)


  • The last line refers to the song Leader of the Pack by The Shangri-Las.
  • The leader of a wolf pack is generally referred to as the alpha, hence, a male wolf as pack leader would be the alpha male.
  • The plural form for this item is a reference to Gollum's odd speech pattern. I.E., "I'll get the preciousss from those nasty hobbitses."
  • "Person of letters" refers to the antiquated phrase "man of letters", a phrase that meant that a person was educated and intellectual.
  • The consonants shown on the pants R, S, T, L, and N are also the same letters given to a player in the final round of the game show Wheel of Fortune, due to being thought of by some as the most commonly used consonants.


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