Alley catfish

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Alley catfish
Monster ID 1600
Locations Anywhere during Heavy Rains runs, if the water level is 4
Hit Points  ?
Attack  ?
Defense unknown
Initiative 70
Meat 64-96
Phylum fish
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts unknown
catfish whiskers
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
alley catfish You're fighting an alley catfish

It's been raining catfish and dogfish, and this one fell from the sky into a pretty rough part of town. It had to grow up fast from a mere kittenfish, and now it's feral and violent.

Hit Message(s):

It sharpens its claw-tipped fins on your favorite shin. Ow! Ouch! Ouch! Ow!

It tries to climb your leg, stabbing you with its claw-tipped fins. Dangit! Ow! Oof! Ooh! Ow!

It horks up a fishbone, then presents it to you as a gift. Ick. Ooh! Ugh! Ooh! Ow! (sleaze damage)

It bats your <thigh> back and forth with its fins, none to[sic] gently. Ugh! Ouch! Eek!

It scratches its rough whiskers on your <bung>.Oof! Ugh! Ugh!

It rolls over onto its back, and when you try to touch its belly, spears you with claw-tipped fins. What a jerk. Ouch! Ouch! Ow!

Critical Hit Message:

It leaps out of the water and flaps in your face, all whiskers and teeth and claws. Wait...claws? How does that even work? Ugh! Ugh! Oof!

Miss Message(s):

It tries to claw your shin, but you distract it with a wad of catfishnip.

It chokes on a fishbone, and hacks and coughs for a second.

It tries to scratch you with its rough whiskers, but you whisk yourself out of the way.

It rubs up against you, purring. It's a little gross, but not painfully so.

It tries to bat you with its fins, but you bat it away.

It horks up a ball of hair and scales.

Fumble Message:

Someone shines a laser pointer off in the distance, and it swims off to check it out. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Meat.gifYou gain Meat.
Whiskers2.gifYou acquire an item: catfish whiskers (% chance)*

Occurs when on the Heavy Rains challenge path at normal adventure locations.