All Along the Watchtower

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All Along the Watchtower
All Along the Watchtower

This watchtower looks like a good place to spend interminable boring hours occasionally looking out the window to see whether something is on fire or not.

There's a big crank-powered siren to turn on if it is, some weights to lift if it's not, and a footlocker for storing pornography. I mean personal belongings.

Wind up the siren
You turn the crank on the siren. It produces a ghostly moan, followed by a louder ghostly moan, followed by a ghostly scream. It sounds like a ghost's mother yelling at it to come home for dinner right now, and calling it by its full ghost name to demonstrate that she means ghost business.

(Fewer ghosts will appear in the village now)

Raid the footlocker
You rifle through the footlocker, and find a rifle. You admire the wordplay, but not as much as you admire the tidy stack of coins you find underneath the rifle!
Dv krueggerand.gifYou acquire 7-11 Freddy Kruegerands

If 10 players have already looted this choice:

You rifle through the footlocker, but you don't find anything interesting. Other than a rifle, but it's a boring rifle. With inadequate boring in the barrel.

Lift the weights
You spend a few minutes with the free weights, idly wondering whether they're free as in beer or free as in speech, before concluding that they're free as in free radicals, because your muscles are totally radical now.
You gain ?400? Strongness.

Leave the tower
You climb back down the rope ladder, partly because you want to leave the tower, but mostly because rope ladders are cool and fun.

Occurs at The Tallest Tree in the Forest in Dreadsylvanian Woods.