All Across the Sands

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All Across the Sands
All Across the Sands

You trudge across the empty sands surrounding the oasis, covering your face against the stinging sand-laden wind... and stop. It's almost as though you can hear something calling...

Over the next dune, you discover the sandblasted remains of an old village, the huts worn down to their foundations. The streets are cold and lonely, and when you call "Is anybody home?" you get no response. Then, in the center of the ruins, you find it -- a rose, made of stone. The bloom is about the size of your fist, and cunningly carved -- or, possibly, the result of some very surprising natural erosion.

You carefully chip the base of the rose away from the rocky ground, and take it with you.

Rose.gifYou acquire an item: stone rose

Occurs at An Oasis (a one-time adventure).




  • "All Across the Sands" is a song by The Stone Roses, a late 80s/early 90s British band.
  • "The streets are cold and lonely" is a reference to the lyrics of "Made of Stone," a Stone Roses song.
  • The part about "or, possibly, the result of some very surprising natural erosion" refers to the real world crystal structures known as Desert roses.
  • This rose may also be a reference to the song Desert Rose by Sting, which was also inspired by the novel Dune. Especially as he is a British musician.