Alice's Army Horseman

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Alice's Army Horseman
Alice's Army Horseman

Name:Buck "Stops Here" Bronco
Age: 37
Suit: Spade

Buck Bronco, possessor of Alice's Army's most masculine name, the card your card could smell like, is on a horse. In fact, he's the only horseman in Alice's Army, because he's the only one who has figured out how to stay mounted on a pissed-off animal without giving it papercuts. His equine mastery makes him confident enough to leap ahead in any battle -- after all, he's got four little bits of luck nailed to his horse's feet at all times. When Buck stops here, 'here' is suddenly the place an enemy doesn't want to be.

Is he an effective fighter? Of course! Of course!

Selling Price: 10 Meat.

(In-game plural: Alice's Army Horsemen)
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Obtained From

Pack of Alice's Army Cards (0-1)

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  • "The card your card could smell like" is a reference to a well-known Old Spice commercial.
  • 'Of course! Of course!!' is a reference to the theme song of the show Mister Ed.


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