Alice's Army Shieldmaiden

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Alice's Army Shieldmaiden
Alice's Army Shieldmaiden

Name:Val "Old Hick" Curry
Age: 37
Suit: Heart

Despite her rough and simple upbringing, Val Curry's heart grew to be as prodigious as the bosoms that perch atop it. Since childhood, she has been driven by the need to protect those placed in her care. Val initially tried to fill that need by babysitting, but found that the little tykes really didn't need that much protecting. The babies, especially, just sat like blobs, occasionally oozing fluids. She then tried to indulge her desire to protect her charges by putting them in danger herself, then saving them, and that is why she didn't remain a babysitter for long.

To truly indulge her desire to serve and protect, Val Curry joined Alice's Army, refusing all weaponry and instead carrying a shield to put in front of her fellow soldier. Here, she found her true calling, as well as a heretofore unexplored fetish for metal breastplates and soprano arias.

Selling Price: 5 Meat.

(In-game plural: Alice's Army Shieldmaidens)
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Obtained From

Pack of Alice's Army Cards (0-1)


  • Val Curry -> Valkyrie, a Norse myth of divine female warriors, which may have been based off shieldmaidens.
  • Old Hick Curry -> Old Hickory, a nickname for U.S. president Andrew Jackson.

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