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Alice's Army Page
Alice's Army Page

Name:Paige "Intentionally Left Blank" Squire
Age: 18
Suit: Club

Take a moment to pity poor Page Squire's father, Billy. He could never tell his daughter 'no,' and he always wanted the best for her, and on her 18th birthday she said she wanted to join Alice's Army. Mr. Squire reluctantly agreed that the army is the most gainful employment any card could hope to have.

All the same, he didn't want his wide-eyed innocent daughter to be exposed to the horrors of war. So as a condition of allowing her to enlist, Mr. Squire insisted that she focus her attention on helping the card soldier in front of her unless she was on the very front lines. Paige happily agreed, and has become known as the best soldier's helper in Alice's Army, all without ever learning what an army actually does.

Selling Price: 5 Meat.

(In-game plural: Alice's Army Pages)
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Item number: 4974
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Obtained From

Pack of Alice's Army Cards (0-1)

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