Alice's Army Foil tattoo

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Alice's Army Foil tattoo
Alice's Army Foil tattoo

This isn't technically a tattoo -- it's a thin holofoil sheet that you slide under the top layer of your skin. It only hurts a little.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Alice's Army Foil tattoos)
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Item number: 5011
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Obtained From

Cashier (10,000 credit)

When Used

You remove the tattoo from the packaging and slip it into your arm. After several hours and throwing away several pounds of blood-soaked gauze, you step back (from your arm) and admire your new tattoo.
Alice's Army Foil Heart tattooYou have unlocked a new tattoo.
  • If you already have the tattoo
You already have that tattoo. I can't believe you actually bought another one...


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