Ah, So That's Where They've All Gone

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Ah, So That's Where They've All Gone
Ah, So That's Where They've All Gone

While tiptoeing through the Ancient Hobo Burial Ground, trying not to disturb any remains, you run across (er, tiptoe across) a grave with an unusually large number of flowers growing around it. As some of them are roses, you pause to smell them, and wonder how they manage to get any sun down here. Before you figure it out, though, an idea occurs to you.

Send the flowers to The Heap

You knock on a nearby steam tunnel hatch, and after a few seconds, Richard emerges. "Yeah?" he says.

"You should take these flowers over to The Heap."

"Ooooh, good idea."

He picks all of the flowers and carts them off in a wheelbarrow. Maybe they'll help cover up the stench of that awful place.

You have to admit, though, that they did brighten up the Burial Ground a little bit. It looks scarier now.

Tiptoe through the tulips and leave

You decide that these flowers aren't worth your time, what with their refusal to bend with the rainfall and all. You wander off to try and find something more interesting to do.

Occurs at The Ancient Hobo Burial Ground.


  • Choosing "Tiptoe through the tulips and leave" does not consume an adventure.