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Advent Calendar

This Advent Calendar was placed in the Campground of all players on December 1, 2011. The Advent Calendar has a total of 25 sections, one for every day in December until Crimbo. Every day, players are able to open one section and new locations or encounters. The first section you punch out is Section 25, and it counts down to Section 1, which is opened on Crimbo.

You have(n't) punched X(any) sections out of your Advent calendar so far. There is/are Y more section(s) left to punch out right now.

Punch It

You punch out a section of the Advent calendar. An Adventer is You!

  • Day 1 (Section 25)

It contains a sturdy cardboard box full of lollipops. You set it down next to the calendar to admire it, and it grows to ten times its original size before your eyes. Curious.

  • Day 2 (Section 24)

This section has a little bag of candy elephants in it. You rip open the bag and sprinkle them into the forest.

  • Day 3 (Section 23)

This section contains a little gingerbread house. You decide it'd look perfect nestled amongst the lollipop trees, so that's exactly where you put it.

  • Day 4 (Section 22)

This section is full of candy walruses. You chuckle as you distribute them throughout the forest.

  • Day 5 (Section 21)

This section holds a bag of jewels. Your family would be proud as you drop them (by helicopter) throughout the forest.

  • Day 6 (Section 20)

This section has a little plastic toolbox full of little plastic tools in it. You carefully place them in the garage of the gingerbread house.

  • Day 7 (Section 19)

This section has a bigger-than-average candy creature in it. You examine it and recoil in horror at its deformed face. You hide it as deep in the lollipop forest as you can, in the hopes of never seeing it again.

  • Day 8 (Section 18)

This section contains a big dollop of fudge. If there's one thing you've learned in your years in this world, it's that dollops are for plopping. So that's what you do -- you plop that dollop right in the middle of your Advent diorama.

  • Day 9 (Section 17)

This section has a tureen of liquid fudge -- some hot, some cold. You drizzle it on Fudge Mountain, creating a sweet little ecosystem of fudge glaciers, fudge streams, and fudge springs.

  • Day 10 (Section 16)

This section contains a little plastic bag of oyster crackers. Actually, no, on closer inspection, they're not crackers, they're made of fudge. You open the bag and distribute them among Fudge Mountain's many waterways.

  • Day 11 (Section 15)

This section contains what you first assume to be a chocolate-covered honeycomb, but what turns out to be a wasp's nest made of fudge. You carefully stick it on the side of Fudge Mountain.

  • Day 12 (Section 14)

This section contains a little bag of poodles. You open the bag, dump them out, line them up, and have a good time flicking each of them onto Fudge Mountain.

  • Day 13 (Section 13)

This section has a really powerful cinnamon jawbreaker in it. You grab it, but it's too hot to hold onto, so you drop it onto Fudge Mountain. It melts its way into the fudge, leaving a little steaming crater near the base.

  • Day 14 (Section 12)

This section has a mean-looking little wizard in it. You place him on top of Fudge Mountain, making little wizard noises as you do.

  • Day 15 (Section 11)

This section contains a snowcone! You excitedly grab it, but before you can eat it, you slip and drop it on top of Fudge Mountain. Rats.

  • Day 16 (Section 10)

This section contains a little pile of rock candy rubble with a mine entrance carved into it. Little nuggets of colorful gummi sparkle within. You carefully position it next to Fudge Mountain.

  • Day 17 (Section 9)

This section contains a little sack filled with candy fossils. You empty it into the gummi mineshaft.

  • Day 18 (Section 8)

This section contains a mean-looking little guy made of fudge. You put him on top of Fudge Mountain, making little threatening growls.

  • Day 19 (Section 7)

This section contains a hulking colossus made of lollipops. You place him among the trees of the Lollipop Forest, over which he towers.

  • Day 20 (Section 6)

This section contains a little flying sailboat thing with the letters "BC" written on the side of it in gumdrops.

  • Day 21 (Section 5)

This section contains an actual toy. Finally! You were getting so tired of all that content!

Tptrollipop.gifYou acquire an item: tiny plastic trollipop
  • Day 22 (Section 4)

This section contains another little plastic toy. Whee!

Tpfudgewizard.gifYou acquire an item: tiny plastic Fudge Wizard
  • Day 23 (Section 3)

This section contains yet another tiny plastic toy.

Tpfudgeman.gifYou acquire an item: tiny plastic abominable fudgeman
  • Day 24 (Section 2)
This section contains another toy.
Tpcolossus.gifYou acquire an item: tiny plastic colollilossus
  • Day 25 (Section 1)
This section contains one final toy. Merry Crimbo, everybody!
Tpbigcandy.gifYou acquire an item: tiny plastic Big Candy

You have punched out X section(s) of your Advent calendar so far. There are no more unpunched sections left right now.

The Candy Diorama
The Lollipop ForestFudge MountainThe Gummi MinesBig CandyThe Candy Diorama



  • The message on punching Day 5 (Section 21) is a play on the euphemism "family jewels".

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