Add an E-Mail Address

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Add an E-Mail Address
Add an E-Mail Address

The multiplayer features of KoL aren't available unless you can prove you're a real person by associating an e-mail address with your account. If there's one thing we've learned from our decades online, it's that only real people have e-mail addresses.

E-Mail Address: <textbox>

Add E-Mail Address
  • Without an email in the form a@b.c:

That doesn't even look like an email address.

  • If the email is already in use:

Sorry, that email address is already in use.

  • Otherwise:

Click the link in the email we sent you.

Occurs when clicking "Add E-Mail Address" in the right sidepane on a new account.


  • If the email is more than 60 characters long, any character past the 60th one will be cut off.
  • When returning to this choice adventure, this paragraph is added before the normal intro text:
    Try clicking the link in the email we sent you (at <email>).
    (Or verify your email below and click "Add E-Mail Address" to resend.)