Action Elevator

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Action Elevator
Action Elevator

You enter the apartment building, and it seems like almost all of the residents have popped off to the roof for a smoke break. It's weird... they do that at really strangely regular intervals...

Anyway, you make it to the elevator without being attacked by any pygmies. Where would you like to go?

Go to the Thrice-Cursed Penthouse

Without Thrice-Cursed:

You reach for the button to go to the penthouse, but the elevator senses that you are insufficiently cursed, and doesn't allow you to push it.

With Thrice-Cursed:

ancient protector spirit This monster is Undead -- (edit metadata)
  • Item Drops: moss-covered stone sphereq
  • Meat Drop: None
  • Monster Level: 158 • Substat Gain: 39.5 • Moxie for No Hit*: 168
  • Monster Defense: 145
  • Hit Points: 80
  • Initiative: 10
  • Elemental Alignment: None
  • Damage Resistance: 100%

After slaying the spirit: The penthouse is empty now.

Go to the mezannine

You take the elevator to the mezzanine, and it turns out that you're a chump, because the mezzanine is cursed.

Curse1.gifYou acquire an effect: Once-Cursed
(duration: 10 Adventures)

or, if you have Once-Cursed

Curse1.gifYou lose an effect: Once-Cursed
Curse2.gifYou acquire an effect: Twice-Cursed
(duration: 10 Adventures)

or, if you have Twice-Cursed

Curse2.gifYou lose an effect: Twice-Cursed
Curse3.gifYou acquire an effect: Thrice-Cursed
(duration: 10 Adventures)

or, if you have Thrice-Cursed

Curse3.gifYou acquire an effect: Thrice-Cursed
(duration: 10 Adventures)

Go down to the parking garage

You take the elevator to the parking garage, and find it empty save for a windowless white van, a cinder block, a can of red paint, and a bunch of dirty garbage.

Thinking quickly, you paint a crude red cross on the side of the van, point it out the garage exit toward the park, put the cinder block on the gas pedal, and turn it loose.

You watch it crash into the central fountain, and hear a cacophony of chanting and bickering as a massive group of pygmy witch lawyers bursts out of the nearby office building and loudly converges on it.

Exit through the gift shop

Just kidding. What kind of apartment building has a gift shop? You exit through the front door.

Occurs at The Hidden Apartment Building


  • Going to the parking garage banishes pygmy witch lawyers from the Office Building, but adds them to the Park.
  • The "strangely regular intervals" are once every nine adventures.