Abandoned candy

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abandoned candy
abandoned candy

This is a plastic bucket filled with candy abandoned by a frightened child. You'd think it'd be hard to scare a kid dressed as a zombie, but you'd be wrong. Deliciously, deliciously wrong.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 150 Meat.

(In-game plural: buckets of abandoned candy)
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Item number: 3290
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Obtained From

Aaaaaaaiiiieeeeeeee (With El Vibrato Relics equipped)
Huge bowl of candy

When Used

You dump out the bucket of candy.
Candybar.gifYou acquire some Mr. Mediocrebars
Jellybean.gifYou acquire some Yummy Tummy beans
Rockpops.gifYou acquire some packets of Rock Pops
Taffy.gifYou acquire some Daffy Taffies
Spookyegg.gifYou acquire some Spooky Surprise Eggs


  • The yield is 2-6 items per bucket.


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